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Now let's talk about AR. AR is produced by rounding the lips and pulling the tongue backwards to touch the inside edges of your upper molar teeth. Imagine you're starting to swallow your tongue, pull it backward. But do keep a lot of space in your throat. So behind my tongue, which is pulling backward, I want to feel like I have a lot of space or do not let the tongue tip touch the top of the mouth. That's how AR is made and many other languages.

But the American art is more about pulling the tongue backward and keeping the tip of the tongue down. That way you won't feel like you need to vibrate the tongue and make a rolling trilling. AR, which does not happen in English. rounding your lips helps to narrow your mouth so that the tongue can touch the teeth easily. Are is voiced so the vocal cords are vibrating. First let's practice not rolling the tongue to make the are at the beginning of a word.

Now, I'm American and I'm notoriously bad at rolling my Rs. So don't laugh at me. The first word will have an American R. And the second word in each pair will have my very bad imitation of a rolling our. rate. rate. Read, read, write, write.

Rich, rich rest, rest, rest, rest, ROC, ROC rooster, Rooster, rookie, rookie. Beware of our blends, you're still going to pull your tongue backward to make the are and round your lips. br bring Brian on your break. Notice that I can start to round my lips even while I'm doing the be so prepared around your lips early before the our bra bra. Bring Brian on your break. Dr. Now Dr. actually sounds like Jr.

So don't use the front of your tongue for the D instead use the middle of your tongue to make The j sound drop. Drake can drive Andrew to the drugstore. It is not Dr. Like Drake can drive Andrew to the drugstore. So that was not right. fr he frowned at the Free French fries. gr green grapes grow on the grapevine.

Kr the crazy crow cried at the crowd. Pr Priscilla paid a price for the promotion sh are the Shrew shrieked in the shrubs and shredded the shrine. sk are he screams when he scraped his knee with a screwdriver SPR I sprinted away as he sprayed me in the spring with a can of sprites str the strong astronauts strode straight down the streets. For str Remember to spend enough time on the s. The common error is to speed through the s so that nobody really hears it. The strong astronauts strode straight down the street, a little more s than you think will be very helpful. th er, don't forget to stick your tongue out for the th for the th r it sounds like throat, throat.

So stick your tongue out for a little bit enough that we feel the th and then quickly pull your tongue in for the AR and have it touch your top back teeth. The arthritic and thrifty man thrusted and through three spools of thread. Finally, tr. Now tr sounds like ch AR, so you need to round your lips and use the middle of your tongue to make the CH try. We tried to trust the tricky man, but he tripped us in his trap. Er is a vowel sound which is very related to the our consonant.

So let's talk about er again although er is in my course on vowels. To produce er, you need to pinch the corners of your lips together to make your mouth very small. or, or, at the same time of course, I'm pulling my tongue backward so that it touches the inside edges of my upper back teeth. Make sure your tongue is flat, that the tip of the tongue is not pointed up, you'll pull your flattened tongue backwards to touch the inside edges of those top back teeth. If you round your lips or tilt the back of your tongue up, you'll make an O r instead. Or is different than or the ER by the way has a much stronger R sound in American English than it does in British English.

So if you've been learning British English, you need to pull your tongue back a lot more to make the R sound are the first word in each pair will have an ER but the second word will have an O our pay attention to the difference. For four you can see a big difference in my lips. For for turn, torn, stirred, stored, heard hoard the firm that stuck in the zipper. It's your turn to climb the ladder. Notice that the word your was reduced to your. Usually when we say you're in a sentence, it's a function word.

It's not the most important word. So we reduce it to your many words with or get reduced to er. It's your turn to climb the ladder. Of course, if I'm comparing my turn to someone else's turn and I want to emphasize the word your then I will say your with an O R. Hey, it's not my turn. It's your turn to climb the ladder. We heard the singer at the church do not eliminate medial and final are.

If your word has a long a long E long eye, or only before an R, you're going to want to add a y sound in between the vowel and the R, so that the R is easier to hear. You will actually add the y plus an ER sound spared sounds like spay plus years spared. The common mistake is to say the vowel plus R word in such a way that we don't hear the art at all. So let's practice distinguishing between these word pairs where the first word has an R, but the second word doesn't. You'll need to add the Y To make it very clear that you mean the first word and not the second word. spared, spayed.

Paired, paid. So when I say paired, almost like it has two syllables, pe plus years, pe or rd, it's much easier to understand that I wanted the R. But if I tried to say it all is one syllable, paired. I might sound British or someone might think I just meant paid. So be very careful to make a strong R and add the Y first paired versus paid character. Now character is a long word so we don't have time to make too syllables, but you can make the our blends into the second syllable. Care, Rick.

So I'm feeling the Rick and character. That way the arm will definitely be there. Cheers. Cheese. Weird. weed.

Fear. C wire. Why? tire tie? We need a pair of spare tires. We cheered near the bonfire.

Soilers hairdo is weird. Now if you have a word with long O, long u or the long oh you plus and are, you're going to need to add a W sound rate For the AR, actually a w plus er corn. So I say CO plus word corn. Corn is a little w in there where your lipstick out. Cole what we learn the first word in each pair has a long back of L plus an R and the second word does not have an R. Notice the difference. Corn cone form foam mortal modal, lowered glued, sewer, sewer cure few cower Cow sit on the porch in the morning and smell the flowers.

The tour lasted four days. I didn't say the two lasted four days. The tour lasted for days. asked for more pure water. Notice that the word for it's just a function word. It's not a noun or a verb.

So it's not that important. And I don't say for I don't say ask for pure water. I say ask for ask for four became four, so you don't have to add any w or anything. Now let's study the AR spelling. AR is either going to be short u plus R, or short O plus R. Let's find out when we Which one, the AR will sounds like short u plus AR before a voiceless consonant and the AR will sound like short O plus er before a voiced consonant or at the end of a word. Here are words with short you plus r before a voiceless non vibrating consonant sharp.

Notice I did not say sharp, you don't have to open your mouth all the way. The P is voiceless so we can keep the a like a small short you sharp cart. Hart arch Ark Park Arthur sorry See? harsh. The next words have short O plus er, before a voiced consonant or at the end of a word. You'll need to open your mouth a lot.

You'll need to put your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and open wide to make the short Oh. bar. So it's not bar. If you say bar, there's a good chance no one will understand you. It is Bar Bar feels like it has two syllables. First, it's Bob.

And then it's her bar. Barbie car. carbs hard. If I don't open my mouth enough for hard, it might sound like heart large margin. Tar target. Carve.

Star alarm. The stars lit up the barn and the whole farm. The dog's bark startled Arthur and caused him to miss his target. Marvin thought his RV sandwich was a bargain, despite all the carbs Now let's look at our in some it sentences. If Firefox crashes on startup, try refreshing or reinstalling rather than scrolling through disorganized records, Organized raw data into a spreadsheet. The router, monitor, hard drive, central processor, printer and keyboard are types of hardware.

We need personal firewall protection against hackers, spyware and Trojans. The tutorial instructs you to use your cursor to drag the item from the drop down menu. The program can store an array of character strings and threads Real Time troubleshooting for remote users is tricky.

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