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In this episode of speaking the horse language, I'm going to talk about what's in this course. Who is this course for And who am I so stick around what is speaking the horse language. Speaking the horse language is an online course for anyone interested in mastering their body language and energy to be able to communicate with horses in the horse language. There's more to it than just knowing what it means when the horse pins their ears or bucks. Understanding the horse language is very subtle and requires mastery of your own energy. What's in this course reading your horses body language, mastering your body language, energy and how it influences your horses energy, communicating with your horse safely and correctly on the ground, while lunging and in the saddle, how to gain your horses trust and build their confidence and proving your own confidence on the ground and in the saddle.

Why laughter really is the best medicine, playing games with your horse and having fun together. And lastly, airbrakes and breathing. Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to build a close relationship with their horse? Anyone with confidence issues on the ground or in the saddle? young horses, horses and riders from any discipline, no matter jumping Polo Western dressage and turns etc.

Horses with confidence issues and beginning riders all the way to experienced advanced riders and who am I? I'm your coach Krystal Kelly. I've trained students from around the world. In over 14 different countries, although the tools in this course is the necessary foundation for all the questions sports, I found that for whatever reason, many people like 99% are missing these simple key ingredients to mastering the horse language. Because of this many struggle with horse problems or more oftentimes, you see lots of riders losing their confidence. We forget to have fun with our horses laugh and more importantly, have our horses want to have fun with us, which is why I'm going to reveal in the full online course the secret sauce, so you can learn the why the how and the win so you can become a true master and the art of speaking the horse language.

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