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Hello, and thank you for watching the speaking the horse language course. Hopefully you know if you guys have any more questions, feel free to send me a message. But hopefully you've enjoyed the course please leave a review because it does help others to find the course. And right now I'm here in Slovenia. And I just wanted to say one more time you know before I say goodbye to everyone, horses speak horse. So no matter what country you're in, I travel a lot with horses.

I've actually worked In more than 20 countries with horses, so even if you're in Slovenia, you know, horses speak horse. So as long as you remember that and you keep practicing everything that I taught you in the course, then you too will be able to speak horse and travel to beautiful places like this. And you know, you'll be fine. You'll be you'll be good, you'll be able to communicate with your horses. So if you want to follow along on my personal adventures, or on you know, some of the things that I'm doing so as I said, I'm here in Sylvania, I'm actually traveling here riding horses and filming it for my YouTube documentary series, equestrian adventure SS. So you can find us on youtube or you can check us out at adventure So, thanks for watching.

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