"Air Brakes" with your seat while riding

9 minutes
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This episode of speaking ghost language we talk about air brakes and breathing transitions. So when I'm walking, and I'm moving with her now, so we're gonna work on again speaking the horse language, I'm going to ask for transitions, but in her language, yeah, not by pulling on things, but by communicating with my horse. And how we're going to do that, again with the breathing, which I've talked about. So I'm gonna, my hands are moving, cuz I'm walking, my seat is moving. Because I'm walking, I want movement. I want energy right now.

So my whole body is walking. Now, when I'm going to ask for a down transition for a halt, what I have to do, I have to stop moving. Alright, now moving. So I'm asking her to walk. Now I have to stop my body moving. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to take a deep breath and I'm going to hold with my belly.

I'm going to ask for the down transition. So let's get her walking a little bit because she's already trying to stop by herself. So I'm walking, I'm walking. Now I'm going to ask for the downtrend Zishan with breathing. So I'm gonna I didn't even pull on the reins or anything. Yeah, nothing.

That was from here. And again. I'm walking. I'm walking. Yeah, I'll do it with loopy rent this time. I'm walking with my seat.

My abs are firm. My body is moving with her. Not out of motion with her. Yeah, I'm moving with her. I'm in her rhythm. Yeah.

So I should look very one minute My horse as they say, and again, we're going to take a deep breath. Good girl. Good girl. And again, start with moving my hand. Yeah, it sort of sat here and it stopped. And I stopped moving my seat.

Now, when I'm relaxing my shoulders and my body, most people think that means this, yeah, throw it away. I'm not throwing away my horse. I still can feel her. I can still feel her in my reins, even if she's on the floor. Now. That's what contact is.

I can feel contact with my horse. So I can feel her right now. But I'm moving with her. So if you want to learn to ride correctly, first you have to learn to follow the horse. Then you learn how to make the horse follow you Yeah, so me asking for the down transition with my seat is me asking her to follow me. Now, so again, I'm going to take a deep breath.

Very good, good girl. And this is on an Arabian horse By the way, in case you don't believe it. Same exact thing in shop. So I'm going to ask for a nice, slow trot. Nice slow trot. Nice bloke trot.

She's volunteering to stretch a little bit. And then again, I'm gonna sit and breathe. Yeah, it's like magic. This is me communicating with my horse in the saddle in her language. Now, it's Her body language see how she just breathed? she breathes because I breathe.

We're both relaxed. Yeah, it's a nice day. So this is her language. And we're gonna do it again trotting. Just gonna ask her to slow her down a little bit. And then again, I'm gonna sit and breathe.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in truck when they sit there seat keeps sitting chopped. Yeah, so you need to know the difference in your body between I want sitting truck and I won't walk. So I'll show you in sitting truck. Alaska, the truck. So right now my seat is moving and very clearly asking for sitting Yeah, my body this is sitting chop everything about my energy right now. I'm thinking, sitting chop.

And now I'm going to ask her to make that down transition, maybe not downhill. And I transitioned my seat into walk. Yeah, I held with my abs. I did everything as if I wanted walk, and that's what she understood. And that's why her body language and her vibe and everything, naturally in her language, thought to walk when horses are running as a herd, and there's lots of them. They can sense they can feel when the horse next to them slows down.

So that sort of although I'm touching her, I have physical contact with her. She needs to feel my energy that I'm slowing down or that I have high energy and I Want to speed up? So that's the energy. And that's her language, which I'm carrying over to her. And the next series of videos, you'll watch Christian writing Lily bareback. This is actually the first time that Christian will do some advanced maneuvers on the Liebherr.

Bat. So here, he just did the selection, just to be sure that his brakes are working, because as you'll notice, he is in a halter. And although Lily is very good, you always want to be sure that your brakes are working, and an emergency here with his eyes, his seat and his shoulders. He's actually steering me around these obstacles. Now, notice that there's no fences there in a big field. It's actually a polo field.

So it really wants to go somewhere she will. There he trotted. And he asked for the walk transitions all with long, loopy rains. I mean, this is a holder so you did that with his seat. Here again, the trot, see his deep breath, which move down into a seat. And that asked Lily to walk.

This is the horse language when you're breathing and using your seat. So here Christian is going to just use his seat in his energy, everything that we've been covering and all of these lessons to get Lily to cross a little pond. Now he or she decides she wants to play in the water. And he just keeps looking forward and supporting a little tiny bit with his legs. Otherwise not really steering with his hands not really doing much. You know with his rain content.

Most of it is done with his eyes and his energy looking forward. And here Krishna is going to do a little canter transition. See he's already breathing a little bit. Now Lily anticipates the canter. She is a little park Arabian, so she always likes to try and travel a little bit speedy and go into the canter. And he wants a nice calm canter transition there.

Yeah, that's okay. She started to trot a few steps. He just regrouped, and Canada again. And now you can see a Christian is breathing, keeping himself as relaxed as he can, in order to keep it really relaxed. And they're holding with his abs in his seat. He asks for the walk, transition.

And now we just do the same thing from the other side. He's going to again, ask for that left leg canter. She's trying to anticipate the canter transition, so he just patiently asks her to walk and does a little tiny flexion just to regroup. before asking for the canter again. That was a lovely upwards canter transition. And now his seat and hands is moving with her He's breathing a little bit, but he's following his seat with her.

And then he's going to use his breath for the down transition, holding with his abs a little sitting nice and tall. And voila.

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