Laughter and "Boo!"

6 minutes
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In this episode of speaking the horse language, we discuss laughing and the importance of boo. So now I'm going to show you a game. Now obviously, I've played with Lily this game, so I know how she reacts. So what the game is, is is called boo. Yeah. And it's just like when you're a little kid and you would hide in a closet and jump out and say, boo.

We're basically going to do that with our horse. And this is going to solve a lot of problems for you if you have a spooky horse. And the important thing when you say boo, if they react, you have to laugh. That's the most important thing. Don't forget to laugh. It's not about trying to scare them, and then punishing them.

It's about trying to scare them and then as if you're a kid, making fun of them a little bit, or embarrassing them it works. Whoo. She didn't really mind that did you know I'm not gonna be able to scare her I think I do the exact same thing with Lily when I'm writing. Yeah. So of course, I'm not going to try this the first time on a with a spooky horse to this level. Yeah, I'm probably going to start small, boo, boo, boo.

Increase it a little bit from a distance where I'm safe. Yeah, no reactions. So she obviously doesn't mind. Yeah. So when I know that she's safe on the ground and I can do that and I can do it from both sides. I ride her, I do the same thing.

I grabbed her mane. So the all these games and all these things that you play, you know, this is how we build the relationship with the horse. We're gonna show her this little bit take care She's actually so curious. She wants to investigate it. Is that is that so I'm reading her language, I see that she's calm and relaxed. I'm calm and relaxed.

You know, I have a young horse now and, and she speaks, she doesn't spook it like really genuinely spooky things. It's like it says a bird or something that she's seen on four times, she'll still get that. But it's more of just like a Oh, there's a bird. And then she's fine. But she you know, because in the beginning when I called her she was She's like a half Arab. So she's very dramatic about things.

Yeah, just just so she can look pretty sort of and you know, in the beginning When I when I call her I used to just laugh at her when she would speak and she was very offended that she's pretty right now tails in the air and so when I laugh at her she's very earnest and you know so after a while she kind of stopped speaking so because she wasn't getting the the rise for me that she wanted. And so now like I said, if there's a silver, she'll she'll try it. But she kind of tries it and she's like, it doesn't really work. And then she just gets on with the day, so you will see it but fix you and fix your horse. In this video to watch Christian playing with cue. Cue isn't very confident about the spooky object Come on.

Ah, crushin takes a deep breath trying to stay relaxed to help her relax. Now he wants her to touch it with her nose. So he's pointing at it. And then there he played the Boo game and started laughing. And you'll notice that that actually helps her to become more curious about the object. So she's not 100% Sure.

Come on. Good. Good. Good. Yeah. Okay.

So right now you can see Lily's kind of looking at me like I'm an idiot. Yeah, that was her facial expressions are now she's looking at you. And she's like, Oh, my human, she's such an idiot. But the reason so my energy, you know, I'm bouncing around and I'm making a lot of noise. But actually, thank you for telling me. But actually, although I'm bouncing around, I'm not actually asking her to respond.

So my energy is high, I'm bouncing around. So my energy is high. I'm bouncing around, but I'm asking her to stay home. Yeah, it's her job to just stand there until I asked her to do something, to move her feet. It's her job to just stand there and be chill and okay with whatever it is her immediate human being is doing. So that's part of the relationship that you build with your horse.

When you've mastered your energy. I can still bounce around and she's not even unbothered. Yeah

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