Safety around horses

2 minutes
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This episode of speaking the horse language, we talk about safety rules. The shoulder is the safe spot. So I'm going to show you the safe place on the horse. Yeah, so the shoulder, this fig bone right here, this is your safe spot. So you know, the weather's. So whenever I'm playing with a horse, especially a horse that I don't know very well or it's in training, this is where I want to be.

And again, I can be very far away from her. Notice how Christian and cue are leading from a distance, but I'm still aligned with her shoulder. So I can still be at the end of the rope, and she's over there, and I have some control. And then again, I'm at the shoulder. So this is the safe spot. You want to stay at the safe spot, even in walk, trot.

Whenever you're doing any ground, work with your horse, even for London. Another important factor is to always turn your horse away from you instead of talking towards you, your horse needs to learn to respect your bubble. Notice how Cristian is using his body language to communicate with q with her body language in order to have her turn away from him. This keeps his feet from getting stepped on, which with young horses sometimes might happen. So that's why it's best to always turn them away. There's some important safety rules when approaching your horse.

Some good examples might be letting them sniff the saddle before you put it on them, reading their facial expressions and watching their body language to see if they are actually giving you permission to approach them or put the halter on or put the girth under their belly or whatever it is that you're trying to do. reading their facial expressions is paramount. Notice when Christian is putting the saddle on. He's asking for permission. He's scratching under her belly. She's not quite ready Look at her ears, so she's not quite ready so he continues to scratch only when she gives permission does Christian actually go to put the girth on

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