Whats my "bubble?"

8 minutes
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Today's episode of speaking the horse language we talk about what is my bubble? why it's important to have a bubble when we're talking about our safety. And again, before I even bring the horses out here, because my safety is paramount, it is the most important thing in everything that we do my safety and my horses safety. Obviously, the horses like the, like I said in the field, they kick each other, they you know, bite each other, they're gonna hurt each other way more than, you know, I'm going to be able to do anything to them. So I have to make sure when my horse is trying to kick at me or trying to bite at me, I have to be sure I have a bubble. And this horse is not allowed to enter my bubble.

And as far as my safety is concerned, I have to prioritize that and I have to always put my safety first. So I have to place myself you know, at the horses shoulder, I have to put myself in a safe position. So if they are kicking or they're doing something I know that I'm getting And then the horses training and everything else, we work around my safety. Let's talk a little bit about your bubble. Yeah, your bubble is very, very crucial when it comes to your safety, my bubble, it's imaginary. So you're gonna have to invent how big or how small your bubble is, I would say, you know, almost arm's length.

Obviously, when you're leading a horse horse is going to be a little bit in my bubble. Maybe Maybe I want the horse way over there. When my horse is spooky. I want the horse as far from me as possible, they need to know how to lead from a distance. Notice here How cute slowly starts drifting into Cristian when she gets spooked at something, and now he has to push her out of his bubble. And that's something that we train them on the lunch, so we'll cover some of that, but our bubble is very important to our safety.

And a lot of horses. You'll notice especially the young ones still spook into your bubble here you can see very obviously q spooking To Christian, but he does the right thing and puts her far away from him to kind of run you down. Yeah. And you might have even had some situations like this, where they'll spook into you. And, you know, we have to make it clear to our horses that our bubble is actually way more scary for them to enter than it is for them to go next to the river. Yeah, so whatever scary object that is scaring them my bubble, they should always be aware of that.

Here. Even though Q is nervous, she respects Christians bubble and walks through the scary bushes. Yeah. And you will notice because, you know, again, horses in the field, they always know where the alpha is, they would never speak into the alpha horse would they know So, you know, we're going to cover how to establish that with your horse, how to, you know, make sure that they're not in your bubble, and they have to be totally okay with you moving around like this. And we're going to train them for that. The first Step two mastering our bubble is to actually master our energy.

Yeah, to master our energy. Horses are like training children, especially toddlers. It's very important when they're toddlers, that you teach them manners, please and thank you. Same with horses, we need to teach them manners. So defending our bubble by any means necessary. Yeah, which means leaping around waving my arms.

Notice how I use my arms to defend my bubble. Here I can just use pressure points, but I need to be able to defend my bubble and I might have to get louder with my energy. If they don't respect it with some horses. If I leave around like this, they might freak out and you know, back up and back up into a fence post or something. So depending on your horses personality is how loud you have To be with your energy with Lily, you know, it might just be this and she moved away from me, here, Lily turns into me and I gently correct her out of my bubble with another horse. It might be this, it might be whatever.

So you have to judge your horse. And you have to treat them a little bit like toddlers in the sense of, if you ask them something, you have to praise them, you have to reward them. pressure points. The first one, you make a triangle, the top of the triangle here, that's her pressure point, using her pressure point to turn her away from me. Here it is, again, finding her pressure point. Yes, I'm on top.

Make a triangle here. That's your pressure point. Make a thumb like that. So where the hairs are all fluffy, we don't touch that. And then here is solid muscle, so she's probably not going to respect that. But again, we may a fist and we just put it in here.

That's their pressure point, you stand at the shoulders, you might have to step to reach it, and then you might have to pull her head towards you. If she doesn't respond to the pressure. If you pull their heads towards you, especially if you have a horse that kicks, they can't kick you if their head is towards you, because their butt is going to go the other direction. So if you pull their head towards you, her butt is going to naturally go that way out away from me. So I always teach my horses to flex, both on the ground and in the saddle for safety. And then they are she soften so I saw fit, good girl.

She's much more flexible this direction. I'm not even putting any pressure there. Triangle pressure point. You should teach your horse to respect even the lightest pressure the most Important thing about defending your bubble is to know exactly where your bubble is. And because there's a limit, I kind of like a mime. Yeah, I'm in a box.

I'm in a bubble like mine, that invisible wall where my bubble is. She's not allowed to come into it. Yeah. So I can she's she was in my bubble. So I'm, I can go to here because that's where my bubble is. Yeah, the second she drifts into it.

I can correct her move her out of it. But again, I am here. If I go outside of my bubble to correct her, she will understand where the bubble is. The line is going to be blurry, which means how can she respect what she doesn't know. You have to be very consistent and very precise on where your bubble is. And every time I play with her, she has to understand my bubble is there.

It's there. It's there. This Is my bubble. You can do whatever you want. Don't come in my bubble, do it over there. Don't do it in my bubble.

This is the sacred space. How do we do that? If your horse comes into your bubble, and I have my invisible wall, the second she comes into my bubble, she's gonna get hit. But because I have a limit, she will understand if she gets hit, it's her fault for coming into my bubble. It's the same as horses in the field. If she goes to eat the food of alpha horse and alpha horse kicks her she understands it was her fault.

Yeah, so I'm only gonna use my walls. And then if she doesn't come in, she's not gonna get hit and she'll learn that. In this video you will see q slowly start to drift into Christian's bubble here and he gently corrects her. Here you will see me using my energy to Ask Lily to reverse A few steps without touching her. And in this video, Christian is going to use the follow my feet game to do the same and ask you to reverse out of his bubble. Here she turns into him a little bit.

So he just uses his energy to ask her to back up a few steps.

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