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Do you have trouble meditating daily?

Do you struggle to find the time, or create the habit?

Maybe you haven't found the meditation technique that's right for you!

You may be here because you’re intrigued by the course title; seeking a deeper connection to a Higher Power; or a better understanding of how to incorporate spiritual practice into your life.
Or, you may want to reduce stress and find inner peace.
Meditation can help you with all that.
And this course has a unique focus, presenting many different meditation techniques so you can find one that resonates with you.
Taught by spiritual teacher and best-selling author Molly Larkin, this creative, easy, and user-friendly course is sure to get you started on a fulfilling meditation practice.
Having taught meditation for many years, Molly's learned that most people who have struggled with meditation need to:
  1. Find the technique that's the right fit for them,
  2. Manage to find the time [it takes less than you’d think!] and,
  3. Learn how to create a habit (you will learn how to create any good habit).
What students say:

“The material is well presented, and the content very valuable and helpful for beginning a Meditation practice. There were quite a few techniques I would never have thought of! Very well done.” - Jan, Michigan

"I love this course. It's clear, and the videos are not too long. It is what I was looking for." - PaolaElena, Italy

“I love the course. Molly’s voice is so calming, the graphics are fantastic and the flow of information extremely well done.” - David, Florida

Meditation doesn’t have to be hard, or time-consuming, and doesn’t require years to experience benefits.

And the benefits can lead to success in all aspects of your life. The latest research finds that 90% of visits to the doctor’s office are stress-related, and meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress.
Meditation improves health, sleep, boosts brainpower, and reduces pain.
This course contains 2 hours of video, 17  PDF articles, a downloadable Workbook and bonus MP3 guided meditations by Molly. It is designed to be self-paced. Dive in and enjoy!


The course is designed for beginners; there are no prerequisites.

About the instructors

Molly Larkin

Author, teacher
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Best-selling author Molly Larkin has been a student of human potential since childhood. She is a trainer for NFSH-The Healing Trust, England's largest healing organization. Passionate about meditation and breathwork, she has taught students worldwide how to find their spiritual core, meditate and breath correctly [surprisingly, most people don't].

She authored The Fountain of Youth is Just a Breath Away; Breathing Exercises for Relaxation, Health and Vitality and co-authored the international best-seller, The Wind Is My Mother; The Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman.

Her website is where she blogs about Ancient Wisdom for Balanced Living/

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