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Conflict Management and Crucial Communications

The 7 steps to make you feel comfortable and prepared for the most difficult conversations you need to have in your life

Conflict Management and Crucial Communications

The 7 steps to make you feel comfortable and prepared for the most difficult conversations you need to have in your life
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About the Class

Who should take this course?

How would your relationships evolve if you had the gift of feeling completely relaxed and comfortable when having difficult conversations with other people and making them feel respected and appreciated? Psychology and years of study in Communication have proven that this skill can be learned!

How would your life change if you had this skill? What conversations would you start with? With who? This course is an opportunity to improve every area of your life: personal relationships, family, friends, colleagues, and anyone you interact with each day!

How does this course work?

This course will give you the chance to learn a simple seven steps process that you can use for any awkward conversation. It will also give you opportunities to practice and give you real-life examples.

Through this training, you will be preparing for a difficult discussion you want to have, and you will have the opportunity to put the concepts into practice in your own life.

All you have to do then is share your learnings and successes, and prepare for the next one!

What are the seven steps?

  1. Preparing your problem statement
  2. Getting into the right state
  3. Presenting your problem statement
  4. Asking your critical question
  5. Listening to the other person
  6. Agreeing on next steps
  7. Closing the discussion

As you can see, this training is not just covering WHAT you need to say. It also includes the HOW: it will help you understand how you can get into the right state to deliver the conversations successfully.

Who should do take the training? 

In my opinion, this should be taught in high school. It is so crucial and so instrumental. A human being is all about connection. And yet so often we don't get to connect because even with the best intent in mind, we don't manage to deliver the right messages.

Who this course is for?
  • ANYONE who wants to improve their communication skills significantly


Greg Henriques

12 years in global corporate and now director of Villa Feria
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The common denominator of my story is personal growth and continuous improvement, my journey includes various steps such as professional DJ, 7 marathons, 2 IRONMAN, certifying in NLP, living in the US, Greece, London and then Amsterdam. For 12 years I built an exciting career in some of the biggest FMCG companies of the world: Mars Inc,...

Class Requirements

  • It would be preferable if you could think of a specific discussion you would like to have at some point in the future

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 55 minutes
14 Videos
1 Document
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