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And then it all changes week five review- Donna Mansell

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Well, hello, we're into week five, it's the new week. I've changed. It's been great husband. Last week, you're like, gonna have my baby carrier. We're going to be off at the beach buildings down castles and then it all changed again. And remember that by the end of next week, this little baby will be smiling.

It'll be tracking AG, it'll go like that. When you walk past, so we'll put together you and your voice and go. Oh, thanks. And so if I take you back five weeks ago, this baby was just little and squished up and didn't really open their eyes very often. So Wow, what a lot of changes. But for that development change to happen, we have to go through some slightly stormy weather.

And Brooke is gonna go through the development changes like us again, which is really important because we've got to change things up. But this baby is going to have another growth spurt, bagger at all. So it's gonna be feeding more frequently, and your boobs are gonna start to feel really empty again. And you think, Oh, no, are you like, did I eat something that's changed my milk volume, and no, it's because this little person has got bigger, they need more milk again, and they're gonna demand more milk. For your formula fed baby, they're gonna want a bit more milk as well go to a size to teach as well. So that means they want it faster.

And that's common with a breastfed baby as well. They want the milk faster. So we find the feeds are shorter, but more great. And that's because the baby is bigger, it's got a stronger stack. And don't you know that, but it is just more efficient at draining your boobs also drain the milk out really quickly, like you can feel that letdown. And that letdown is that for mine that releases that milk and you feel that tingling sensation, as the milk is shooting out, like a high pressure hose.

So therefore the baby's quicker to feed. It's more efficient when it's feeding. But we know this week, the frequency so it's gonna feed more often, which is really normal. So don't freak out. You also find that this baby with big, beautiful brain might be happily fading away. And then you know, your partner walks in and it goes no, and you're like and you know, we call it distracted feeding.

And it's because, you know, it's all like what is happening and it's Got that the nipple is attached to the boot, and the two of them cannot be separated. And so you'll need to be really careful. If you hold the baby's head, the back of it too much, it actually makes it do big slacks off putting its head back, because that's a reflex bot. So you still need to be holding the baby here. And, but it might be that you've got a bit of extra grip, so it doesn't resolve. Or if it's gonna be a little sneaky pants, you just take the baby off and say, Look, buddy, have a look around.

And then you can finish feeding after often swaddling them just before a fade will also get them in the game. Like we're here for food, we're not here for anything else. And, you know, fading in a quiet spot when it's nearly bedtime is good. But you don't want to set up these habits that this baby needs to be fed in a quiet dark spot all the time. So it's a phase. It's a stage You know, sometimes they get a bit distracted and you know, don't feel like you need to get this feed done and dusted.

You might stop feeding, do what you're doing and then come back to it again after. And when the baby's ready, they'll be there enough this week. The development change that you know, I've hinted at, is because this baby's gonna have to be more interactive and aware of the world. So they have a sleepy face, and then they get a bit crabby and cranky. But with all greatness comes a better tomorrow. So the greatness will be excellent, you know, to have this baby that's aware that you come and you go, and that smiles at you when you pick them up out of bed in the morning is worth the changes that this week and Brooks gonna go through a lot of those.

And really, it's just a week to not make big plans. To to see things for what They are and not for you failing, or doing anything wrong or changing something too much. Because remember, the baby's changed, you haven't changed. You're not doing anything wrong. There isn't a solution. And there's not a magical book, even though there are ones that promise to be able to get the baby sleeping through the night at six weeks and all of that kind of pallava.

And, you know, let's see how next week is, see how you're feeling. They have the baby sleeping, and then we'll take it from there.

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