You made it- Donna

4 minutes
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We made it. Yay. This is the end, the last section of the baby menu. Fabulous program has been a part of life, you've totally your friend, and they've all signed up. Thank you so much for being a part of this. Hopefully you've found lots of great information that's really cemented the knowledge and the confidence that you have as a new mum and got to know your big baby.

Hopefully it's nearly as big as versus now. And that you're feeling really confident with the feeding and the sleeping and the changes they knew. I haven't got any other content apart from me this week because I've taught you everything you don't need to know anymore. And I think it's really it's always good to look backward and see where you came from. And you came from you know new moms that may not have even considered what it would be like for this base date week. And I guess, in my practice, I do get a lot of people that say that I've helped show them things that they didn't even know that they needed to know.

And the information that we've presented is, you know, some of it's been really heavy and really, like, dense. But it's helped to build a lot of confidence, though that anything now onwards, you have a basis of knowledge and know where to go from and which is what I wanted to give to you. So that you would feel confident in knowing what you're doing, and why you're doing it. And it's been, it's been, I'm sure, very challenging. There's probably been a few T's along the way. Hopefully, you've made some new friends.

You've got some new activities, you've got some new wardrobe items as well. And you're getting out and you're in the community and you know, looking like that commercial that use Thought on week two, there's no way I would be at the posh shops with my nice new clothes on and my hair actually straightened and washed this week and makeup on having a coffee and the baby's asleep in the pram which is excellent. So in summarizing, the baby manual has really hopefully helped you to understand yourself and your baby. And, and hopefully you've enjoyed all of the information, you know, as a kind of a one man show. I'm just a midwife that had an idea that wanted to help other people feel more confident in this challenging first eight weeks. So your support will mean a lot to me to help to get this out there.

And because to be honest, at the moment we're filming in my house. So you know, it might look from the outset that you know, and that's the image I wanted that professional image but I'm just like you. I'm just having a go. And you know, Your support will help help to get this out to help to normalize other new parents experience. But it will also help me to pay the school fees. No.

But yeah, it will help and word of mouth, as you know is the best the best message we can have out there. So please tell your friends come back with the next baby. I'll have some new videos recorded and new information for you. But yeah, stay in touch on the Facebook group that will stay active so that you can keep in touch and hopefully form some new friendships from people. But yes, From me to you, thank you very much for being involved. I hope you've enjoyed it.

Feedback is always great good and bad. You know? I'd like it to all be good but you know, if you think Donna put this in, it will be great or you said that and I didn't understand it. I'd love to hear that from you. So just click me an email of the website and let me know and but yes Thank you so much. Enjoy these little baby and we'll see you next time.

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