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Physio discussion on recovery for Mum post birth

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Well, hi, everyone. Welcome to week three. We've got back here again, from vital core, he's come to talk to us and give us an update on how things should be a few weeks down the track. So, the pelvic floor, how she feeling three weeks down, well, three weeks down, hopefully most of all, if not all, the swelling should be gone. So, by that three weeks girls going, Oh, actually, there's my pelvic floor, I can squeeze a little bit. Hopefully, I can feel when I need to go to the toilet to do away or poo.

And I can control that hopefully for a short period of time. And so they've been out they can now squeeze a pelvic floor a little bit they can relax it. There is some sensation however, it is a long way from being strong. What about the old fat in the elevator? The elevator organ Well, the thought in the elevator is a thing of the past. Okay?

You'd be so happy you can back it up, you can hold on for as long as you need it. And anyway, now you can go for your little five minute walk, or 10 minute walks. And so if you happen to be an elevator, you'll have your baby with you and can always blame it on the baby. Yes. There we go. Doc, that's right.

But yes, so the pelvic floor is getting better and it should be on its way to recovery. But it's a long, long way from being fully fully functioning again. So what you know how you talked about the, some of the reasons people come and see you they've got that heaviness that shakiness the front or the back or finding in the elevator? So at this stage, you know, if they're just doing their normal day to day stuff, like hanging out watching and going for maybe a 10 minute walk, should they be feeling that heaviness? No, that's right, no, that we hope if they just keeping it very, very last, so they're still getting lots of risks throughout the day and that risk is little 510 minutes, five Lying down this side. And they're not trying to do too much all at once.

And that varies between everyone, but particularly if it is a subsequent child and they're the school runs to do in the Washington do when this happened the other that can sort of add up by the end of the day, but if they are risking a lot, then we shouldn't be feeling much heaviness at all. It may happen from time to time, but it shouldn't be a daily occurrence. Okay, that's good. So all those painkillers you needed a few weeks ago should be gone should be should be gone should be gone. So I guess you've kind of answered the exercise at this stage. Well, the exercise is stated is it's it's very, very short walks, and it is short, it's just getting the body moving or anything else.

It is some gentle pelvic floor, squeeze and contract 30 squeeze and relax. Making sure you can feel on and you can feel it off. Okay. You might be able to hold your pelvic floor on and breathe a little bit. It's a big one. Don't try it at home now.

May not be able to do it in standing in CCE orange line down and that's okay with that face like you must do your eyebrows. It's one, two and both together. Oh there you go nice. And yet short short holds, breathe with breathing if you can very, very brief walking and watching that posture and is working one by week three because the other back is getting very, very slow roll that fading so working on being up tall, doing some shoulder roll. Excellent, fabulous. Now the old rectus muscle oh really touched on him for a while the separation Oh the separation is why thinking those jeans I wouldn't get him on.

Not fitting we've all you know szalai of the team Tam the jeans that I think it's going to happen. But then I lie down and I've got a big vein in the middle there's a V or this dome is a dome. Yeah, look at at three weeks and women get very alarmed by this in the hospital, particularly when Well meaning, honestly, sometimes because you guys come by and measure it and say they've got a five or 10 finger separation and poor mom who can't fade and also it gets quite stressful. It's got no bearing on anything, so we don't really worry about the size of any gap at all until six to eight weeks postnatal, so that's something to bear in mind. However, we want to try and limit how much that tummy does don't. Okay, so those little techniques we showed of getting out of bed, getting out of a chair, we're talking about seizes them but they also apply to these tummy separation.

And against them support around the tummy can be useful in these early weeks. And activating your pelvic floor will actually help your tummy muscles just because of the the neurological connections we've got. So for the planks, not going to do it all the way to the plank for a long time. The plank plank even in later in postnatal period, it really doesn't do anything other than make you hot and sweaty. Okay, okay. It's really not helping your tummy muscles as much as you might like to think we'll know let's stay away from the plank.

So the rectus is really just going to bring itself together on its own. Well, the the rectus abdominus muscles are they that's what we measure it by in the separation but it's really the tissue in between which is known as a linear elbow, which is where all the abdominal muscles and connective tissue joining and they do stretch during pregnancy. That's normal. We want that to happen. That's how we get a nice big healthy baby. girls that are a bit smaller or tighter to the tummy muscles may have a slightly bigger separation.

There's lots of factors that go into having a bigger and that's the word bigger separation. But the important thing is how it is about six weeks Okay, not even that important but where is it in six weeks, and from there we do some very gentle exercises to get it signed to Tension up through the midsection and then it will slowly come back together towards a great some women at work but for a lot it will end at 12 months postnatal the majority of women Have a slightly wider separation down the tummy than they ever would have been more than having a baby but it's not too bad. Okay, beautiful. Well, I guess that answers the what exercises should I be doing which is a gentle walk pelvic floor. looking after yourself and your baby that absolutely and posture to show them your chest up, boobs out, get out, get the girls out, get the girls out.

You know what I mean? Absolutely. No, well, excellent. That's a great update, but wait three. And you know what, I think we'll wait another few weeks and then we'll get into a bit more exercise. Thanks, everyone.

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