Is it really like the magazines portray it?- Donna

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Well, hello, week seven is here. It was a quick week, wasn't it? Goodness me didn't even change my clothes. Sorry. Everything is going along pretty smoothly. You know, you've really you've signed up for the paint classing classes and you're doing your mums and bubs class, and you figured out, you know what Ryan time is on at the local community center.

And that's kind of what this week is. It's about knowing what's out there for you to do what's free as well, which is quite important. And you know, your local area has a library. Did you know that? So they have things there. There's Kindle music classes, there's been other ones are they His baby sensory classes, baby massage classes, moms and bubs polities like the list is endless, then I guess, you know, they're all there to teach you something.

So each of the classes and we'll have a resource on all of the things that are around teaching you, you know, kindy music is about teaching you some of the rhymes and seeing and interacting with your baby, baby massage, you know, fix info on loving touch and engaging with your baby is really important. And but don't feel like you need to do it all it you know, if you're crazy busy doing something every day, then maybe that's a bit too busy. And it's a good way to meet other mums. You can really new fashion that you bought to reinvent yourself. It's a good way of learning some new things to do with you, baby because unless you were a childcare worker, you probably don't know all the things to do with your baby and you shouldn't have known And to engage yourself in the community a bit more, because it's important to have things that are local.

And you know, you could just walk there and kind of Come as you are. There are moms groups as well that you might start to be interested in. There's, you know, have a coffee in a chat mums groups, there's moms groups that lead from discussions on from experts, so like, you know, first aid course from new parents than that, that can be a part of the mums group. So it's good to have a look around and see if there's something like that in your area. So that's you're getting about out and about. This week, we've got Chelsea talking a bit about solids, which is interesting, obviously, a bit early, but it's good for you to start to understand that because people are telling you stuff and you're like, Oh, I don't know what to do.

I'm expressing and I tell you what, I don't know how many I get asked this about giving the baby a bottle at night drives me up the wall. And so if you're expressing really sorry, if you're breastfeeding beautifully, the research actually shows us very clearly in black and white that a breastfed baby will sleep better than a bottle fed baby. So, you know, there's all this all the formulas heavier and all of this bullshit and you think, Oh my God, that's not true. So, I know it's been a hard slog, and you know, you're still getting up every three or four hours feeding this baby and you're like, oh my god. You are about to find that the fees extend out a little bit depending on the size of your baby. And when we talk about sleeping through the night, six hours is sleeping through the night.

So you know, your baby might sleep from nine o'clock until two o'clock in the morning. Now that might be six hours. 10 1112 120 sorry, 334 In the morning, and so that's six hours late, which by the classification means bed slept through the night, but three in the morning doesn't feel like the night. So there's lots of variables to it, you know, the sleep will come along. Giving a bottle at night doesn't save anything. Sometimes it makes things a lot worse because you baby get the tummy ache from the formula.

And you could express in the morning and give them a top up at night, if you want your partners to do bottle. certainly an option worth a try if you want to. But yeah, just as I've always said, Keep rolling with it, it will get easier. And if you've got a particular feeding problem, you know, pop up something on the Facebook and we can talk it through. But yeah, there's not a magical fix for this nighttime business. And other than that, you know, there's lots of experts this week that are giving you some extra information on changes and what to expect.

But I hope you have a great week.

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