Life goes on- Donna

6 minutes
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Well, life goes on, doesn't it? And you probably found this week that that's exactly true. You know, the clothes do need to be washed, you know, the birthday parties do happen. And the shopping still needs to be done. And you've got to do it all in tow with this little human. And you start to find that this little babies personalities coming out a little bit more.

They're a bit more awake. They're a bit more interactive and you think, I don't know what to do. Do you talk to him? Do you read a book? Do you play with them? I know a detailed map for a baby Chino at four weeks old who Oh, and so it's a funny time where there's still a blob.

I still sleep a lot, but they are starting to be aware of the world. You know, most babies Can't be properly until about six weeks and six weeks they'll tie a bound and a image together so your voice in you. But at this stage, they're still not that clever. So you know, they can't see the TV. And you know, you can pop Peppa Pig on but it's just a flash of colors. He doesn't look like Peppa Pig, it doesn't sound like they're too big.

They're just like, oh, there's all those colors on that wall. So the best thing for your baby to look at is you is your face is your smile, your eyes, your voice, and you notice they'll look at you and they'll be like, they'll be making these facial movements that adjust to what you're doing. Or you can play little games where you poke your tongue out and the baby will poke their tongue out which is great. And that is teaching them that they have a tongue. You're like they knew they had a talent but they actually didn't say you are the best game for your baby to have And that interaction and a wait time is really great and important for you and your partner and your mom. You know, they don't need fancy stuff at this stage, the baby might start to like some tummy time, which hopefully you've had a visit from your local child Nutella or similar in your state, which is taught to you through about just those first few things about how to pop their baby help, how to pop your baby on their tummy.

And you know how it's really important for the the back of the baby's head for their head shape, their neck muscles, and their awareness that they've got arms and legs. I'm sorry, a wait time might be for a week for about half an hour, that they'll be interactive and looking around and quite engaged. But then they'll just stare off into the distance and you think I'd have no interest in anymore and that same mechanism of life. Shut the blinds they like. I've had enough now. Now they won't just go to sleep.

Because that would be far too easy, of course, wouldn't know they won't do that. I'll just stare off into the distance and they might have a like a little fidget or a yawn or a sneeze. And that's saying, I've had enough now. And so then you could go, go and do something more exciting and they might be involved again, but then you find very quickly they get cranky. And that's because they said I've had and you didn't listen. So you know, being aware.

So when they're not paying attention anymore, they probably had enough or they need a break or they're like, Oh my god, it's a bit too much. And they will start smile at you, which is not wind and all of that kind of crap. It the smile. They're learning how to use their muscles on their cheek and if you smile at a baby, they'll smile back at you. Yeah, you meet those people at the shops that are like Like your face crack if you smile, and it's you know, honestly, it was that they were never taught how to smile. So your job is to teach them how to smile, how to communicate, how to interact, what happens with their body.

So you know, you might find that when they're awake, that you've got them sitting in front of you. Now this 20 centimeters or so, the perfect, perfect and a space for them to be able to interact, and to engage, just to get it very exciting. I'm sorry, it's very attractive. But if you're on the land, Ranch, and offspring isn't on anymore, so you're dead. And this is a perfect way to interact with you, baby. You know, you can do peekaboo games, you can get a little toy and get them to track it across.

Or you can just talk to them, smile at them and you'll find that they'll start to give that back to you. They feel nice and secure, because they're on you, they can feel the boundaries of your life. But they're paying attention to what's happening in your face. So this, or if they're getting a bit cranky, you can kind of click a nice way and you can take them outside and look at the trees and the fan and, you know, the flowers, and they love that love that hearing your voice and like looking around at things, but just short blocks of time, can leave again. And the other section in this way is on baby carries. Because life goes on, as I've already said, and you need to have something else to know what to carry your baby around in and to get things moving.

So that will hopefully give you some helpful hints on what's been the market what's around hot in your area is it called you know, what's the best thing for you so if you still haven't bought one you know That's a really good thing so that you make them understand the pros and cons of all of them. I guess it's an unregulated market, meaning that there isn't a rule, you don't need to meet our criteria. Anyone can make a baby carrier and sell it. So you know, it's important for you to understand the choices that you have. But that's it from me. I'll see you next week when we've got more information to go through.

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