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What is The Baby Manual all about?

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Introduction to The Baby Manual


Have you got a new little baby? And you're about to have a new baby? Do you know what to do with the baby? Well, if that's you don't fear it's very normal. It's a very daunting and overwhelming time to bring home a new little baby. What do you do?

How often do you? How many layers Do you just mean? Well, if that is you have I got the solution for you. The baby manual is the training and guidance that mothers who came before you wish they had, it will help alleviate the fear, anxiety and confusion that many moms feel when facing motherhood. without so much as a handle with care sticker is life changing eLearning course will provide you and your little baby with the confidence that comes from years of experience. And lucky for you, we're gonna give it to you ahead of time.

Our content is scientifically proven, tried and tested. And it's been approved by experts in their area. And it's been written by me, a midwife with more than 16 years of experience doing exactly what you're just about to do. bringing new life into the world and knowing what to do. The baby menu is an eight week eLearning course and it's delivered mostly in video format, so that you can listen without the pressure of having to get to a scheduled appointment. We're going to connect you with other parents in the same phases parenting, facing similar challenges and victories as you are.

Everyone doesn't need a little bit of help when you embark on Parenthood. And we want you to experience what it's like to raise this little baby with geezers handed down experience that you may have otherwise missed out on. The baby menu is a program that support in educates and empowers new parents to trust themselves, and to trust that their little babies know what they're doing. It's easy to follow and the information will answer lots of those how and why. Questions that tend to consume those first few months of parenthood. The baby menu will cover the fundamental topics of feeding, sleeping yours as well as this little baby.

And it explores the social, emotional and mental factors that are often left unspoken in the realm of new Parenthood. It doesn't speak to you in hypothetical. It addresses the real problems with real women and real babies. It's gonna speak to you personally. The baby menu will connect you with a network of relevant individuals in the same circumstances as you and they're all facing the same challenges that you are. We're going to deliver professional speakers like fabulous lactation consultants, obstetricians, pediatricians, dietitian, like psychologists, baby massage specialists, and many more.

The ultimate objective of the baby menu is to have you feeling good and confident in the knowledge that you're an amazing mom. And you're equipped with the tips and tricks and resources that you need to get through those first few days. And let's be on So I can have us all a little unnerved. We know that you can do it. And I think deep down you know you can do it too. Let's have this baby feeding and sleeping like a pro so that you can enjoy that guilt free tap of tea.

Join us on our knowledge as we join you on your journey with your new baby.

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