Dr Hughes Obstetric recovery discussion

10 minutes
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Well, hello, we are here again with Dr. Chris Hughes, who's come back to us to talk about all of the things that you're starting to think contraception. How long should I wait? Surely you're not thinking, I'll have enough baby just yet. But you know, people at the supermarket they're always saying, No, you gotta have another one. You think? No, I haven't figured out what to do with this one yet.

But contraception is, you know, it's something that before you had the baby you weren't really worried about, because you want to have baby. Um, but there's lots of information out there. There's lots of information on the internet, but I was hoping that while we had, you could simplify the choices. There's a whole lot of little concepts thrown into this aspect of the interview. intimately related Yes. The first thing to remember is that six causes pregnancy.

Most likely thing to happen and there is a risk that when you resume having intercourse, another pregnancy may end. Yes. So my recommendation from for every couple is if you don't want to have another pregnancy, please ensure you're using some method of contraception before you engage. And a lot of couples will ask when do we have sex? When can we sit and the good news is blacks are often scared off. Yes, buy this home beauty prices.

So for some women will say feel thankfulness for that. There is no right answer to the question When can we resume sexual relations? There certainly been the experience of encountering a new parents endeavoring to recreate the act of doing hospital day two or three post delivery It'll be my personal advice to at least wait till we get to the car pack on the way home. Oh, that's a Black's good might be pretty lucky to have such a agreeable pack Yeah. But I guess the proper answer to the question when the couple's resuming the course after birth is when I buy steel company and that needs to be at a physical and emotional level and it's gonna vary between couples Pike's will be undoubtedly put off a little bit about that later we talked about back in week two and that can last for six to eight weeks sometimes so they might be in for a bit of a draw spill.

It's not a health matter. It might be a matter of aesthetics but the bleeding after birth isn't the reason that you shouldn't have intercourse if it's if it's the mood and the and the feelings gonna take you That's okay. But the real issue back into courses is the risk of fear in the pregnancy. There's no right or wrong answer to how long till we get pregnant again, it's gonna have a whole lot of influence. It's gonna be financial, it's gonna be emotional. It's economic stuff, that the ability that the ability of a woman to be managing to children of a relatively young age.

So occasionally we'll see people coming back for their six week visit who are already pregnant against normally. Normally it's not intended quickly, but it's certainly possible that that you can conceive that quickly, hence the advice if you're gonna have sex and you don't want to have another baby get contraception standard. Yes. And there are, you know, many choices now with contraception. You know, the mini pill the Implanon marinas pregnant if I'm breastfeeding, not breastfeeding. Yeah, look that from a Medical viewpoint.

The barrier methods are something that can happen without impacting Without being being impacted by the home with a woman learn the new new mothers hormonal status a barrier method sir, an old favorite fullback and reliable and that perhaps can be no. I reckon Kondo probably did hear that a bit you're glad rip capital. Condoms are a good handy, told I have to fall back on the weather the woman is breastfeeding does have an impact on choice of hormonal contraception. hormonal contraception can be broken down into basically progesterone only contraceptive methods or the combined all my contraceptive methods if a woman is breastfeeding, and you adds estrogen to her body in the form of any combined hormone combined contraception. For instance, the normal combined pill, the eastern has the potential to inhibit the ovulation or sorry, the lactation pathways. So any normal contraceptive pill can suppress lactation and therefore interact what she otherwise thought was going to be handy way to feed the baby for the next six months.

So we generally don't recommend the combined when a woman is breastfeeding. If a woman is breastfeeding, it's the very methods though the condoms or progesterone only contraception. progesterone doesn't have that same effect. On on, on lactation. It can have a degree of effect on on ovulation, but predominantly, progesterone IV contraception works at making the passage of sperm through the law of female genital tract just that little bit more difficult. And there's a whole range of progesterone and contraceptives ranting from the minister To the marina device to the implant on and and other implantables over, particularly overseas.

So it's reasonable to consider those progesterone any contraceptives, from as soon after birth as the capital needs, are they? For most of them particularly for the orals? If the progesterone only contraceptives that can take up to a fortnight before they're effective. For the other ones, the marina device or progesterone in releasing intrauterine device, and they can't really be put in until that uterus has been polluted and shrunk down to a small label that can be the sort of six to eight week mark after birth. So there's limitations to all of them and medical advice is, again, something that is highly recommend when it comes to this. Hopefully won't need medical advice on condoms, but come more naturally.

But yes, I think we all did that in high school and I hadn't used that some didn't listen. The the combined pill, the East Room, the typical one we normally use is good for women who are breastfeeding. And in that scenario, it's most common for women to wait until their postpartum the postnatal bleeding has settled, and then we'll have to wait until they've had their first postnatal period before you actually convinced commence the combined pill. Now that may be six to eight weeks after delivery. And if intercourse has resumed before then then condoms again, it's a better method, an important interim measure. Unless you're really that enthused about increasing the world's population, even sooner, super quickly.

No, no. I think that lots of new moms will take all of that on board. And you know, as Chris is dead, we really should get your own personal advice. You know that the right choice for you. There's lots of lots of health information that either side of that But, um, you know, obviously, all of these medications need to be prescribed by a doctor anyway, so it's good to have that chat to make sure it's the right thing for you. And the game during the resumption of six, it's gonna be a personal thing, it's gonna be a physical thing that keishon reduces some of those hormones that that help with lubrication.

So intercourse for the woman afterwards can feel a bit dry and I did scratching the bit uncomfortable, and we've had that most guys are a little bit sensitive towards that and we'll be back off accordingly. Certainly, if they've been episiotomy or vaginal tears or discomfort, again, that have that respect for a healing process and for the well being of the woman is really important and can be a real limit for some couples that can make it was quite hot. If it's that we capitals that try having indicators for several months and still can't achieving the quarter Because of consequences of a PC, automate appraisal, or sometimes other things related to childbirth, and I'd recommend if you're having difficulties that it's not happening quite as smoothly or comfortably within the first six to eight weeks when you really want it to be or if you really need it to be, then perhaps again, it's worth getting checked out.

Cigna health care professional, get some advice on there, so that it doesn't become a bigger problem. bigger problem. Absolutely. I always recommend a double lubricant. So glass of wine, and some lube for that first one, like the wine for the mom. Oh, yeah, mine was delayed for late.

Anyway, waiting on. Actually, we've covered all of our fabulous information. I think it's given everybody some great understanding of what's happening at this time, what their choices are and where to go to get more help. Thank you. Thank you. Kimber coming.

Hopefully that was helpful.

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