Coffee your new best friend- Donna

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Well, hello, we're back again, week six. Week Six, you've got a smiling happy little baby. Hopefully, that's starting to be interactive, and hopefully has gone through their development change and you're starting to see some good and bad in in the day, because we can't have it all nailed. Remember it's never all nailed anyway it's only at 20 to 20% that's rather crap. But most of the time you know, you feel like you've got a problem and you can work through a solution working with yourself and your baby, which is great. And as you know, you've heard from Poland Anthony about the school then lots of skin changes and development changes with the baby like it gets.

Highly unattractive. Wait, no photos in weeks, these contagious pimples And dry and crunchy. And no, that's just a normal chain. So we can't fix that. Hopefully, you've gone back in, and you've seen your obstetrician or your doctor and make sure everything's all fixed up with you. And if not, you know, you've got a plan in place for that.

Contraception, you've heard some info about that as well. So we're back here again in a few weeks going pregnant, and you know, knowing all about contraceptive and the choices that you've got. And so, relationships. Now we have talked about sex with Dr. Hughes, so that we know that you know, the, a two person situation, but, you know, it's not all about sex, like the relationship changes with your partner. You know, there's, there's three of you now or four of you may be and so is a bit different and knowing that that's normal, and that they has to be a new normal is really important. You know, this new little baby is the part of the team.

But it's not like the kingdom you guys are at servants, you know, you need to take your relationship seriously. And we've got Jody who's a psychologist and a parenting expert that's going to talk to you about relationships with your friends, your family and your partner and knowing that need to take that time to reconnect or to connect and, and work on that because ultimately, you're going to get really old one day, and the baby is going to be an adult, and it's going to leave you behind, and you'll be stuck with that person. And so you want to, you want to be happy and have things in common with each other at that stage. And I know you think oh my god, all this pressure, but it's about being aware of that and you know, rekindling that that romance and making sure you foster a good relationship.

So getting About you should be getting out and about and have some confidence in doing that, you know, even if it's just walking around the block once a day, or going back to doing some exercise classes appropriate to your level of recovery, catching up with friends at the shops or at the cafe or at home or where or at the park. And but yeah, really starting to feel this maternity leave out. It's not like what the adverts show of you wearing the latest fashion, the skinny jeans and your posh handbag. There's spirit on your new top and there's probably a bit of poo on your nice jeans that no one notices. And the baby might have screamed the whole way there in the car. But you might get this.

So you know, get out and about experience different things be a new version of you. Which might be, I don't wear makeup every day, or it might be I don't wash my hair very often. Or it might be that I now shop at tarjay. Or you might go from being Miss Country Road to s3, like he can. It's the I know it sounds a bit funny, you know, but you can kind of reinvent yourself because you're doing something brand new, could have a new style, because you'll be meeting a whole new group of people that you maybe haven't had much contact with. So I could change the name from to, to Susan or not.

So now it's the new time it's a new phase, you know, you might take up pottery to keep if you've been very busy, you know, something new like that might be really good. So just start to think about those things because it's not just about the baby. It's about you and your partner and it's about you having A bit of everyday that is for you. Because ultimately a happy mum makes a happy family or a happy baby. So that is the important you don't go have a happy baby and then happy mum. Happy Mum, happy baby.

And that's how it should work. So you know, put yourself out there on the priority list. Love yourself and know you're doing a really good job.

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