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The Baby Manual

This is a practical video guide for new parents for the first 8 weeks and beyond

The Baby Manual

This is a practical video guide for new parents for the first 8 weeks and beyond
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A practical guide for new parents for the first eight weeks of parenthood
Introduction to The Baby Manual
In this section we discuss and demonstrate- CPR and first aid for infants and babies Bottle preparation Sterilisation options and practical demonstration Baby Massage including demonstration
This Demonstration of infant, baby and child CPR is essential for new parents to view. This has been demonstrated by St John a registered training provider for first aid in Australia
A practical demonstration on bottle sterilisation discussing different techniques and options for you at home and the reasons why we encourage you to sterilise your babies bottles
A practical discussion and demonstration on bottle preparation and feeding techniques. This includes a discussion on teat sizes and how to select these
St John discuss first aid for infants and babies. This includes temperatures, bites, treatment options and when to worry This is a great guide for new parents for the first time
Bec discusses baby massage and also includes a practical demonstration of baby massage for you to try at home. Bec also discusses oils to use and when the best time is for you to massage your baby.
Week one of parenthood! OMG!! These videos will help you to understand whats changing with both you and the baby so you aren't feeling anxious about what is happening but more so feeling confident and calm as things change. Let our expert advice help educate you to be a confident parent
Week one of parenthood has lots of normal changes for a new mum. This video explains why and what is happening on the inside and outside of your body. This practical information helps you to not be panicked by these changes. This video is taught by Donna Mansell- Midwife
Bec who is a womens health Physio discusses the common changes after birth both a LSCS and a normal birth. This video contains practical demonstration on how to get out of bed and a chair post op.
Week one of parenthood taught by Donna Mansell- Midwife this video discusses the changes for a newborn and explains what to expect as they get used to being a human on the the outside.
This Video is a discussion with Dr Lang and Dr Chitti both very experienced Baby Doctors. They outline the normal changes for a newborn explaining why they happen and when to worry.
Week Two on parenthood. This week is full of changes but in some cases things start to feel more normal for both mum and baby.
This video discusses normal changes in the second week to a new mum. This includes milk supply changes and normal body changes after birth.
This video discusses the changes for your baby and why they might seem a little unsettled this week. This practical information makes these changes easier to cope with as you understand why things change as your baby settles into life on the outside.
Dr Hughes prominent Obstetrician discusses the changes for a new mum after normal birth and LSCS. This practical video helps you to understand the birth, and post birth care in an easy to understand approach.
Three weeks in and you can't remember life before being a mum and having a small human to care fun. However life goes on and you still have to shop, wash and do all the daily chores that happen with a family. This week we explore why you can't go for a run yet and what to be worried about if you take your little human out the house.
Bec discusses how your body is coping at this time and what to do and what not to do in post birth recovery. She also discuses pelvic floor function and what you should expect at this stage. This is a great very informative video on how you work on the inside.
Feeling overwhelmed about how to get out of the house, what to pack, When to go?, what to worry about. This weeks video helps to explain what is normal and some practical tips to get going slowly back to normal life- or just to get a coffee ;)
Life goes on- yep friends go back to talking about themselves, you get invites to go out to tea without the baby! or with the baby ( I am not sure what is worse) Tis week is about the new normal and why you kind of miss work a little bit! and what to do about that.
Life goes on- yep friends go back to talking about themselves, you get invites to go out to tea without the baby! or with the baby ( I am not sure what is worse) Tis week is about the new normal and why you kind of miss work a little bit! and what to do about that.
Life as a mum is hard. You feel like you are constantly juggling everything. This week we help you feel normal and discuss what to do when everything keeps changing.
You felt confident! You thought I don't need to watch this course anymore! weren't you wrong :( Parenthood is a juggle with your little human constantly changing- enjoy the ride
Dr Hughes discusses what to expect a few weeks after birth, contraception and what to do if things don't feel right after birth
Coffee, tea, chocolate They are all your new friends- why does your baby decide to stop sleeping at week five to six :)
Donna discusses why your so tired and that it wont last forever :)
Dr Chitti and Dr Lang discuss what is changing with your baby and why its all very normal. They also discuss immunisations and newborn checks after six weeks. We discuss colic and reflux in a practical way so you can understand why these occur and the difference between normal and abnormal.
For the last time Bec discusses pelvic floor and recovery post birth. What does a womens health Physio do and where to find one and why you can't run yet!
So this is it! Motherhood
Expectations and realities are very different. Donna discusses the realities of motherhood and how to make yourself feel like your kicking goals and not drowning in disappointment.
This final week of information helps to outline changes for you and the baby
This practical discussion outlines common sleep issues and practical steps to understand why your baby may not be sleeping as well. Dr Dohnt is a psychologist so this discussion helps you to understand common sleep disturbances for infants and babies.
This final video with Donna discusses where we were and what has changed. This positive review helps you to give yourself a big mum hug as your doing a great job with your new little human. Donna also discusses what to do from here :)

About the instructors

Donna Mansell

Midwife and Child Birth Education
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I am a Midwife based In South Australia, Australia. My speciality areas are antenatal education and postnatal support and education. Especially with Lactation difficulites as I am a IBCLC

I have created a range of expert driven videos to help educate any new parent about what is normal for both themselves and their babies.

This should make pregnancy and the first few months of parenthood less stressful and more enjoyable with more understanding and less worrying.

Let my courses reassure you with less google and more cuddles.


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