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Day 9: Relevé

4 minutes
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Welcome back to 20 moves in 20 days. Today we're going to talk about relevance. Okay, so we've been doing a lot of things where our feet are extended away from us, you learned Diggy shaytaan. Do and PK recently, you also learned to Demi ground plays, we're going to switch gears just a little bit, we're gonna start talking about balancing for today and for tomorrow. So a relevant day is going to be a play. And then from there, I'm going to straighten my legs while picking up my heels.

And then I'm on a fully extended, relevant, right, so I'm fleeing down. And then as I straighten, I'm also lifting my heels. And this is the end result. This is a great place to practice your balances. Okay? And I highly recommend practicing balances on a daily basis if you can, because the more you do it, the better you get at it and you get really good really fast if you can do it on a pretty consistent basis Anyway, you can do relevation all positions.

So in second position, same idea, play first, all the way up, right hold Puli a. Tom do, you can do this in third? Yes, you can do it in fourth. And you can do it in fifth. Okay, you can also do it on one foot or the other, but we will come back to that, because you haven't learned some of those positions yet. But again, you can do it in all directions. So what we're going to do right now, it's a little combination we're going to do to play relevance in first position, to in second to a third to fourth and to and fifth.

And we're going to hold for just to account to try to see if we can get our balance. So we're going to do one, two, hold on. And play four and one, two, hold three, play for the same thing in second, and in third, fourth and fifth. Okay? All right. So we have one and two, hold three, play four, again, one and two, and hold to second one, and to hold, hold and one and two, and hold, hold, third one and to hold, hold, one and to hold, hold in for one and to hold, hold again one and to hold, hold.

One and to hold, play one and to hold, hold. Good. Okay, so all sorts of variations you can do with this. I do recommend doing a bunch, you really start building up your ankle strength as well. So if you have a goal to ever be on point, for instance, to be dancing on your toes, then the more relevation you do, the better, you're really going to start building up that ankle strength quickly that way. And again, you also have the, the bonus of being able to balance really, really well.

So another variation that I would recommend you try as you're practicing these is you start here, and then you hold for as long as you possibly can and we can't balance any longer you come down, right? That's a great thing to practice. Another thing to practice would be not using any support at the beginning, going straight down and straight up and just trying to hold from there. Any position, right, so I just am fully on my balance from the moment I start to move all the way through the balancing portion. Okay. So a few different variations for you to try I encourage you to do so on a daily basis, and I will be back tomorrow with elevate

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