Day 17: Fondu

2 minutes
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Welcome back to 20 minutes and 20 days. Today we're going to talk about fun do And yes, I wish it were the delicious cheese melting concoction, but it does mean to melt if that's any consolation, and it is actually really fun to test so, we are going to talk about fondue today. Okay, now, you can do these 245 degrees, you can do 290 if you do them higher if you want, we're gonna focus on the 45 degree ones for now. And if you start feeling confident about that and want to go higher, be my guest, I would love that too. So, a fondue when you prep for it, you're going to always start out so I'm going to start out to the side, we're going to play by bringing our working leg into Kuta pa or standing leg is also going to be in play and then we are going to extend and strainer legs at the same time.

So we come in here this is our starting place. We're going to let this foot lean a little bit so that we can straighten their legs the same time we go in and straighten in and straighten. So what you'll notice is in order for your legs to train at the same time, your working leg needs a little bit of lead time. So I'm always going from here, starting that leg pathway out a way for me to fully extend so that I can control the, the depth of my pa coming to straight, as well as my foot extending at the same time. Okay. So what we're gonna do in a little bit of a combination is fondue.

Front, side, back side twice, okay, so two times on quad. Here we go. And again, you can do it higher if you want. The same rules still apply though. So if I'm going to do it to 90 degrees, I still have to make sure that my knees straighten at the same time. still keep your turnout still keep your hips everything aligned and things like that.

But let's start with our 45 degree version. So we have to this side and please and extend to the side to the back and to the bandwagon or correct. Could it be a position every single time? To the back to five. Excellent, good work. You manage your time today, and tomorrow, we'll talk about delegate

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