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The French conjunctions

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The next bout is about the French conjunctions and there is many different conjunctions drums in French, the civil 90 or treaty cause conjunction opposition's etc. But let's start with the normal forms. So, the first consumption is in English that and it becomes may in French may say Shea maybe Claiborne edited it's expensive but have very good quality. Fisher made the table and get it all in English becomes in French knows that almost cinema will lose the room was super mushy. We go to the cinema or we go to the supermarket It knows I don't know cinema who knows I don't have super mushy am in English becomes a in French la la vida plush Ma and Ellie's go to the beach. So Oh therefore in English becomes dunk freedom to our so it was you say don't dwell in English yet becomes Oh in French equal to nearly daily Oh cinnabar PCB the deadlines must been yet this is not possible never know in English becomes me French for example, in Nila Zhong really can't do, it doesn't want Nether money.

Now gifts. In Nila Zhong really can do because becomes a lot less to can carry additional t

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