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The French time conjunctions

4 minutes
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The next part is about time conjunctions. And the first time conjunctions in English is before that. After that, and in French it's as long to apply so let's take the example in a party I want to shoot again he left before that I come in a pasty avant future again. And so that you can like you know, use I want to play cue like, depending where you want to say it those words the same. The next one is wine in English, and it becomes, I know, in French, for example, give count happy Allah posts Hello Kitty refer someone not to though while I was on the phone killcount a popular post out of curiosity or telephone. The next one is as soon and in French in becomes OSI to you, for example, or C to home and cafe.

MCI. As soon as I wake up, I take a Coffee and Cigarettes or C to recall and caffeine MC yet the next one they could also stands for as soon as for example, they could too famous as soon as you see him, give me a shot. They could choose one thing Watson until in English becomes riskier. In French for example, she has to have a low risk answer which again I will stay here until you come to rest availa juice cancer katrien doing in English becomes low or do low the manifestation of homes labyrinth of nisi they see you during the protests in France, who is one the civilians love the Manchester show of homes libraries published this evening when English becomes lost In French, for example, loss of who should partner to venue when I talked to everything was better love security to venue whereas wine English becomes dominant in French founding coo coo coo soco usually prefer more concentration issues chooses whereas a lot of people spend their life on social networks I prefer focusing on more essential things founding Goku passive elven Seon soco you should surely shows resistance as long As becomes thank you in French silly oval Tonka silly avec Torre.

I will be happy as long as your survey over don't use your survey Avatar and why becomes own Don't show me that alone could you finish using I set a table while you're cooking. Show me that. Follow it you feel like she's in

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