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The French subornative conjunctions

3 minutes
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The following parts of the conjunctions are the civil native conjunction, and then seems as when, and everything. So let's start as Oh, since in English becomes common gum and is used to convert or indicate a coat and it belongs gum lineage is as wide as a smell, and it belongs combination. Then, as our sins can also be used to indicate a subordinating coves. So, it becomes Frisk in French prescriptive SVC Thank you. Here, don't worry when in English becomes calm in French, but when it indicates a cause or condition and it's similar to see if, for example, Sherpa country I live when you come Japan country are you. The twin can also be translated in French as loss.

And it indicates a cause and it's similar to come like when nitori for example, Mo coup de su query, last comment of we eat a lot of sweets when we are kids. lounge buku the SU curry loves cognate alpha the following run is That in English and becomes true in French and introduce the competitive subordinating close, for example, require Yamaha Duma. I believe that a will comes tomorrow. Shaka young da da da. The next one, even though or even a becomes quirk in French and indicates two ideas in opposition. For example, if you promote a policy work of horses which along DPC, I start to make some progress, even though French is a difficult language requirements are hopelessly broken code of conduct a sweatshirt along the PCL And then the last one for these paths is if and it becomes C and French and indicates condition on a proteases.

For example CTL Eve takes it away punku if you come on time, I will accept you to class situation. You're gonna fix it. Oh cool.

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