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The French cause conjunctions

2 minutes
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The next part is about the coast conjunctions in French. So let's get started. Because in English becomes faster in French, for example, you know younger compete in Milan. I will not come because my son is a junior doctor, he's in Milan because of becomes a cruise the coffee, for example, she had three reviews, I closed the tour. I missed the best because of you. She had the reviews, I caused the tour.

And so in English we do have because of which those stands for a negative cause but we also have things to that those things For positive cause, and thanks to in French becomes glass, ah, for example, here there you see gas at work. I succeed thanks to you. You see, gas at work given that in English becomes a tongue donate to in French, for example, it doesn't make any apa buku the majority nations to show mash given that there is not much work, the majority of the youth are unemployed. It's under a Kenya bamboo the Tata luxury division, some to Shemesh since in English becomes crease in French, for example, Switching over permanently referring to certain since you don't want to have any unfinished piece cutting over permitted for SR I to say

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