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The French demonstrative adjectives

1 minutes
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The next part is about the demonstrative adjective. So let's start. So, refers to this, and it's good in front of a masculine singular noun. And change to sit in front of a Volvo. on mute. Ah, so we used to in front of the masculine nouns that starts with consonant and set in front of the noun starting with a Volvo.

Set is also to this. The, even though it sounds the same than the derived form of Sir, it's written with two C, and E at the end, and it's put in front of the feminine singular nouns. C stands for these and it's useful masculine and feminine. For example, So, Bear, this father said and this friend said May the mother said and this friend sipan is in this and can also be designated by the addition of C. lab to the noun at the end of the noun, for example, so leave this book solely or surname hola that book so he lap

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