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The French pronouns

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In this lesson where we focus on simple grammar, and we will focus specifically on the pronounce emphatic and personal pronoun. So, let's start like the first pronoun in English. It's I, like I am French. And inferential becomes a concept. If you speak and the entirety of I English become me and in French it becomes more wah. So, for example, that someone on class usually it's me speaking class, servitude, semi colon class and the personal pronoun for you in English becomes In French, you are students to a visit you do to a visit you do and the emphatic form of two becomes 12 which refers to you in English.

For example, you You are my best friend 12 to eight Milani 12 to him and, and so the key it personal pronoun in English becomes in, in French, for example, she's very kind in a casual in it and the entity call on Him becomes in French, for example, Kim, it's an Indian. We sit down with you and we sit down with you. And the phone for she. It's and in French. For example, She has a very good job and cable TV and cable TV and the form of she, her English becomes also and in French it's her the manager and luxury. Luxury will still have the personal pronoun when in English which becomes No, in French, for example, we are late Lucerne zalta new songs and the entirety of we, which becomes this in English keep the same form in French and it's still new.

So for example, as the US we don't understand adult, no Asian, no no component is edgy. Know leisure, no no component is added as a personal phenomena for you to grow as a group becomes in French and can also be used to express politeness when you're told when you talk with others. Director or a manager or person you know with, with who you need to express higher politeness. So, it becomes true. And for example, do you have questions was a vacation was the verification and the emphatic form of you in English which stay the same stay also the same like in French, it's the like. So, for example, it's thanks to you that this work is possible.

Cigar So, because the idea was clever, it was evil. And so the last personal pronoun they in English becomes in women as in French, so bear in mind that the S is not the pronounced so for example, they don't know how to write in a coffee in a coffee and so, the form of they in English which becomes them becomes in French with an x, which is not pronounced also. So for example, then the Lebanese speak French well, who even bounded beyond Of course. The Navy been founded young

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