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The French genitives

3 minutes
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The next part is about the Trinity in French, and the Trinity form is used for all the nouns that never alters except to take a plural ending. So, there is no feminine or masculine gender. So, in French, we use the word do and we insert it before the article, not that in the masculine singular, the becomes do and and in the flow form, the the becomes the. So, the Trinity is used very often in French as a particle to express definite or indefinite quantity, and indefinite amount is expressed by the plus the article, do the episode fee or the law definite amount is expressed by the, for example, URL as should it all has an indefinite amount. Do some wine do long in the legend. We did burn apples or definitive amount of furniture of wine in booth a dunk photo and feel the young kid needs a hero, the hero of apples.

So you can see that for an indefinite amount of things. You can see that we use do for the words mastering that starts with consonant doula for the feminine words starting with a consonant also do an apostrophe for masculine and feminine words starting with a vowel. And then we use the for all the pools. And so whenever we have to express like a definite amount of things that is difficult to quantify, by 123, or whatever thing like, you know, one apple, two apples and everything, like, whenever we can't quantify the words, we'll have to use like a certain amount of things like for example, a liter bottle of kilos. And so we use the, the Q, the, the words flowing after starting with consonant and in bootay The apostrophe the word is starting with a Volvo

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