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What's included in the class?

 15 video lessons

About the Class

What will you get in this course?

  • One video presenting the French Pronouns: (je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils) and the emphatic pronouns (moi, toi, lui, elle, nous, vous, eux).
  • One video presenting the French nouns and articles (definite and indefinite): 
    • Le, la, les, un, une, des
  •  One video presenting the French genitives (definite and indefinite):
    • De, de la, du, des
  • One video presenting the possessive adjective:
    • mon, ma, mes
    • ton, ta, tes
    • son, sa, ses
    • notre, nos
    • votre, vos
    • leur, leurs
  • The French possessive pronouns:
    • le miens, les miens, la mienne, les miennes
    • le tien, les tiens, la tienne, les tiennes
    • le sien, les siens, la sienne, les siennes
    • le notre, les notres, la notre, les notre
    • le votre, les votre, la votre, les votre
    • le leur, les leurs, la leur, les leurs
  • The French demonstrative adjectives:
    • ce, cet
    • cette
    • ces
  • One video presenting about 50 most common adjectives
  • A series of videos introducing the different conjunctions: 
    • (subordinative, objective, comparison, condition, opposition, cause, time)
  • Every video includes:
    • 2 different sentences
    • 2 different gender (masculine/feminine)
    • French pronunciation coming along with English translation.

Class Requirements

  • No previous experience in French required.
  • A working laptop, tablet, or smartphone coming alongside with headphones are preferable to hear the pronunciation better.

Class Authors

Felix Brassier

Languages Teacher
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I'm a French Filmmaker (having BA in Fine Arts / Professional BA in Multimedia/Audiovisual Production / 1st grade in Cinema studies passed in French universities) working in several countries across Europe producing documentary films and videos for the music industry and schools (which has enabled me to learn English, Spanish, Arabic and...
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