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One Day One Month Freezer Meal Master Class

Spend one day in the kitchen; fill your freezer with delicious dinners for the whole month!

One Day One Month Freezer Meal Master Class

Spend one day in the kitchen; fill your freezer with delicious dinners for the whole month!
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About the Class

Always have an answer to the question, "What's for dinner?"

Freezer meals are dinners you have prepared in advance and frozen for later.  These One Day One Month Freezer Meal lesson will teach you a system of making freezer meals.  At the end of the lessons, you will have the skills and inspiration and habits to maintain the One Day One Month Freezer Meal lifestyle on your own!

Why freezer meals?

  • Easily avoid fast food.  You will have healthy, home-cooked dinners that your family will actually eat.
  • Save time.  You've already done all the meal prep, so there is no stress at dinnertime.
  • Save money.  By planning, you will save money and have less waste.

Who should take this course?

  • If at dinnertime, everyone in the home looks at you, then you should take this course!

Why should I pay for this course, instead of just looking at free YouTube cooking videos?

  • With Joy Lab you get the answers you need by an experienced home cook.
  • You will not make the common mistakes, mistakes that cost you time and money, because Joy Lab will you how to avoid them.
  • With Joy Lab, you get a lot of practice adapting all different kinds of recipes into freezer meals, all in one place, which other free sites cannot provide.
  • Other free sites do not know about your picky eater, while Joy Lab teaches you how to change dinners you know your family will eat into freezer meals.
  • With your time and effort, and Joy Lab, you will fill your freezer with dinners so there will be no stress at dinnertime. Commit to success!

What if I am a picky eater/vegetarian/Paleo/etc.?

  • With the One Day One Month Freezer Meal System, Joy Lab teaches you how to change the foods you already eat into freezer meals. You save time and money, and always have healthy, home cooked meals!

Do you like Disney?

  • Of course!  Doesn't everyone?

Is that a bird I hear?

  • Yes, it's Chirpy the Cockatiel.

What music is playing?

  • Our Long Walk, Version C, from the Digital Juice library.


Tonya Lehman

Freezer Meal Master
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Tonya spent too much time following other people's freezer meal plans, and wasted too much money making freezer meal dinners that her family didn't like. So she developed the One Day One Month Freezer Meal system, which is specifically designed for each person to be able to create freezer meals that their family will actually eat. Years in...

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Duration: 4 hours 14 minutes
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