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The Alkaline Diet Made Easy: Lose Weight & Heal Naturally

Your complete plan & recipes for easy weight loss & healing by eating 5 simple, healthy, plant-based & delicious daily meals

The Alkaline Diet Made Easy: Lose Weight & Heal Naturally

Your complete plan & recipes for easy weight loss & healing by eating 5 simple, healthy, plant-based & delicious daily meals
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This course is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off, whilst eating big portions of deliciously healthy and alkalizing foods. It is a complete, comprehensive and step-by-step guide to getting healthy and eating an optimum diet for high-energy, anti-aging, reversal and prevention of disease and overcoming health and eating struggles.

It is best suited to people who want to lose at least 10lbs of fat, want more energy and better sleep and ideal students are busy parents, business owners, entrepreneurs and people working in a demanding job, athletes and sports people and people who have a health issue to overcome.

There are lots of detailed and practical recipe and tutorial videos, a recipe book, and PDF guides to help you succeed.

The course will take around a week to complete and the diet is for at least 21-days, in order to see great results, try out the new recipes and form new positive habits.

Take this course to end your search for the optimum and most satisfying diet and lifestyle, with shockingly delicious healthy and plant-based/vegan recipes.


  • No requirements - this course starts from scratch and covers everything you need to know

About the instructors

Laura Rimmer (Née Wilson)

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Hi! I'm Laura, a multi-passionate online publisher.

I have been running my own online business and earning a full-time income since 2008. I have 3 main areas of expertise - natural health and fitness (specifically, the alkaline diet and keto diet for weight loss and healing of disease), online publishing & marketing, and writing (I have authored an internationally-published and translated book on Hay House - the world's leading publishing house in natural healing and my next book on the alkaline diet is being released at the end of this year). Here's a more detailed breakdown of my expertise and, more importantly, how I can help you.

Nutritionist, Ultra-Marathon Runner & Author of 'The Alkaline 5 Diet'

I am a health expert - a natural health Nutritionist and author of The Alkaline 5 Diet. I worked in medical research and the fitness industry for years prior to setting up my own business. Having built a website subscriber base of over 20,000 people to my newsletter and free recipe book at Alkaline Diet Health Tips, this allowed me to get a major publishing deal and reach hundreds of thousands of people around the world with the benefits of a more alkaline and low-carb (or fully ketogenic) diet.

[Side note: If you are a foodie and love to eat then this is the perfect diet for you, as you get to eat decadent portions of delicious food and still lose weight and get lean. This is because it balances your blood sugar and turns off your fat genes. Yes, we have fat genes and this is a well-researched but little-known scientific fact!]

I went from overweight smoker in my early 20s as a student to fit ultra-marathon runner in my late-30s - in fact, I've run over 50 endurance races in the past 15 years, injury-free - this diet really works!

If you're struggling to lose weight and keep it off, have low energy or niggling health issues you want to heal, do check out my diet and health courses here on Tabletwise and my website.

Online Publishing & Marketing Expert

I lead an online marketing business (iBrand Boost) where I provide web design and optimisation services, consult and write website content for high-level corporates such as mobile billing, finance and money remittance and software companies, as well as solo entrepreneurs, coaches and industry experts.

I have sold my online marketing courses at business seminars and via my own websites for as much as $3,000 and I have helped thousands of people around the world to set-up and improve their website traffic, sales and conversion.

Author & Copy Writer

I have written over 15 books and ebooks and also various online courses and digital training programmes and Udemy is a new avenue for my publishing. I have made over $50,000 selling my own ebooks from my websites.

I also write and optimise a lot of content for large corporate websites and brochures.

Why does this matter to you? I am not a newbie to online business or content creation - I am well-experienced in creating professional, engaging courses and making a good income online. This should hopefully make taking my courses a valuable and enjoyable experience for you!

Do take advantage of my free resources and newsletter at my websites below.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to speaking to you inside one of my courses!

Laura :-)

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