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What You Will Learn

Your thoughts are powerful insofar as they attract the circumstances of your life. Your conscious and subconscious mind can be harnessed correctly to create enriching circumstances or less than desirable ones. It is just a matter of developing your thought process and directing it towards what you wish to experience. Regrettably, many people focus on what they don’t want because they are fixed on what they don’t like in their lives and this becomes more evident.

What you focus your predominant attention towards grows in intensity, therefore to use your mind power you must continually orientate your thoughts on whatever you wish to attract and make that your predominant focus. You need to be unrelenting in your quest to harness the power of your mind and not entertain any limiting beliefs or thoughts to the contrary. With enough practice and patient, you can use your mind to improve your life in many ways.


1. Harnessing The Power Of Your Mind:

In this lesson, you will learn how to harness the power of your mind by working with the conscious and subconscious mind. We will look at the different thought processes and how to effectively guide and direct your mind to create positive experiences.

2. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind:

The subconscious mind is very powerful and it is been suggested accounts for over 90% of our lives. The subconscious mind can be likened to an iceberg submerged underwater and hidden from plain sight. With enough stimuli, you can awaken the subconscious mind through various means in order to create positive circumstances in your life.

3. How To Still The Mind:

The conscious mind is often called the monkey mind because of the incessant chatter and restlessness that takes place within the mind. It is this unrest that contributes to many of our problems and we can learn to silence the mind instead of responding to the incessant thoughts.

4. The Power Of Your Mind To Create Your Destiny:

You can effectively harness the power of your mind to create an enriching future by directing your thoughts to whatever you want to experience. The mind is like a muscle in many ways and must be constantly trained and directed in order to yield positive outcomes.

5. Practice Self-Awareness And Mindfulness:

Self-awareness and mindfulness are two important factors we must develop to tame the monkey mind. Self-awareness simply means being aware of our predominant thoughts that pass through the mind from moment to moment. Mindfulness is acknowledging these thoughts and not allowing them to rule your life.

6. Your Mind And Body Are One:

In this lesson, we look at the integration of the mind and body to better understand how they work synergistically. It was once believed the mind and body were separate to one another and functioned independently. However, through modern day science and research, we have come to realize the mind and body connection is a powerful integration.

About the instructors

Tony Fahkry

Self-empowerment Author, Expert Speaker and Coach
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I believe everyone has great potential within them and it is a matter of awakening it to reach their most efficient level. By focusing on what is meaningful to you, I bring value to your life by helping you think clearly and make decisions in alignment with who you are.

I delight in helping you discover your genius, talents and gifts and awakening your highest potential. I do this through writing books, articles, online courses, individual coaching and speaking engagements. It is no accident that several leading authors have given their names to endorsing my books including: Dr.Eldon Taylor, Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret and Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones. I have been on a lifelong quest to empower others with the wisdom I gained over the past decade.

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