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Launch Your Big Career

Learn toi your most-profitable-career by finding your most-profitable-passion.

Launch Your Big Career

Learn toi your most-profitable-career by finding your most-profitable-passion.
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About the Class

Finding the most successful and enjoyable career is not easy if you don’t know your passion and potentials.

Course Overview

  • Maximize your chance of success in life
  • Live excited and enjoy every moment
  • Stay purposeful and fulfilled with your job and career

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to discover your talents and strengths
  • How to discover your physiology, your personality, and character
  • How to discover your life values and beliefs
  • How to choose the right career by connecting your passion with your potentials accurately that also support your life values and beliefs
  • How to shape your future based on what you want today
  • How your childhood holds the hidden gems of your future success
  • How many voices are talking to you and which voice you should listen that can guide you through a rewarding career
  • How to reveal now, who you’ll become in the future
  • Even after discovering your right passion in the right field, you can be still in the wrong career. You will learn how to avoid this.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • High-school and college students who ask; what course should I join now, what is the right career for me?
  • Young professionals and employees, who often question themselves: Is this something I always wanted to do, will this take me to my dream and desires in life?
  • Mid-aged people who often wonder and ask: what is a success in its real form, can I change my career at this point and how?

How is this course developed?

Everything in this course is rooted in Avinash's personal experiences and based on his years of continuous research on the subject of fulfilling careers.

These are practical methods he developed by interviewing hundreds of young people about their futures and levels of purpose and passion. He understands their most negative emotions about the subject and he has written a book on this.

The methods outlined in the course has been used by many students and young professionals successfully, and Avinash use them regularly on his career workshops, teaching high-school and college students and young professionals how to choose and design their career.


Avinash Sahoo

Author, Career Expert & Coach
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Avinash Sahoo is a Best-Selling Author, Career Expert & Coach. He writes in the domain of career passion & success. His expertise on the subject of fulfilling careers earned him many titles such as; Passion Promoter & Career Designer in India. He conducts regular career workshops and teach people how to choose & design their career. He...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
23 Videos
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