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Lesson 4: Introducing Where One Comes From

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In this lesson we will be learning how to introduce where one comes from. Nina Taka, I am from negative setup Toki I am not from second person who not Taka, you are from negative who Toki. You are not from person singular and Toka he or she is from a negative hatzaki he or she is not from Nina Taka sceeto t Una Taka Pataki Anna taka hatzaki and now that Pura to not Toka we are all from a negative will be hard to Toki we are not all from not Taka. You are from negative hum talking Turkey. You are all not from one atoka they are all from negative. How are Toki they are all not from tuna Toka had Toki not Taka, ham, turkey.

Wanna Taka? How are Toki? Now students, let's use the words that we have learned. Nina taka inchi? Yeah, Kenya, Eg wa Nairobi. I come from Nairobi, Kenya.

In g Yeah. Kenya means country of Kenya. moochie one Nairobi means town of Nairobi. And that shows the place that you come from. Now, let's see the negative see Toki inchi. Yeah, America moochie watching Chicago, Nina Toka.

He Kenya OMG wha Nairobi I don't come from Chicago America. I come from Nairobi, Kenya. Una Toka. walkie Where are you from? This is a very common question. And in the response, you could say, Nina Toka.

Inchi Yeah, Kenya. Oh, Nina taka inchi. Yeah, Tanzania. Oh, Nina Toka. Eg Yeah, Australia. A student you can try that.

Now let's see the negative Pataki he yeah America Wanna talk? inchi? Yeah, Japan. You are not from America. You are from Japan. kotaki India America, una taka inchi.

Yeah, Japan. You are not from America. You are from Japan. And our students. Let let us introduce john. JOHN and I took him to Portugal.

It was Lisbon. JOHN comes from Lisbon, Portugal. JOHN and atoka. He Yeah, Portugal, De Waal Lisbon. JOHN comes from Lisbon, Portugal. And now let's see the negative Joe Ha Toki inchi Spain Mooji wha Madrid john and atoka he er Portugal OMG wa this one john does not come from Madrid Spain.

Joan comes from Lisbon, Portugal. Now student kindly introduce one or your friend. And now students let us use the pros. To Natasha. Ha he Yeah, America, de la New York. We come from New York, America.

Let's see the negative now. How to Toki eg Portugal de Wallace born to Natasha NGO America OMG why New York We don't come from Lisbon, Portugal. We come from New York America. Now student kindly introduce where you don't come from and where you come from. Na Toka eg gay Ghana, Which country do you all come from? When you asking a group of people which country they come from?

You would use this question not Toka age again. And in their response they will probably say to not taka inchi Yeah, Kenya. Ah, to not Taka he. Yeah, America ah to LA Toka inchi. Yeah, Tanzania now student kindly practice with your friends. Now let's see the negative hum Toki inchi here Chyna not Toka inchi.

Australia. You, Paul do not come from Tina. You all come from Australia and now introducing other people where they come from. Why not Taka? ichi? Yeah, Portugal Mooji Lisbon.

They come from Lisbon, Portugal. Students kindly introduce other people, I'll say to your group. And now let's see the negative How are Toki He has pain. He won Madrid when I took him to Portugal, Luigi, Lisbon. They did not come from Madrid, Spain. They come from Lisbon, Portugal and our students let's do some conversation on introduction using come from una Toka huapi.

Where are you from? response nice Nila Taka in chia, Kenya. Ruchi wa Nairobi. I am from Nairobi, Kenya. Jane and I took her into Gani. Which country is Jane from?

Response, Jane and I took HGS. sisal and Jane comes from Switzerland not Taka wapi. Where are you Oh from? response to Natasha, he, yeah, Russia. She was in Moscow. We are from Moscow, Russia.

Why not talk in Sweden? Do they come from Sweden? response? How panna How are Toki NGS didn't wanna talk? hE hE or Norway? No.

They do not come from Sweden. They come from Norway. Want to talk her into India? Do they come from India? response deal, one at aka at your India. Yes, they come from India and in Asana, thank you all very much for hearing.

Goodbye. I'll see you in the next lesson.

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