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Lesson 8: Staying

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Now let's use ca to express where we are stay in Swahili. Now let's see the grammar pattern. Nina ca i am staying in the negative becomes ck. I am not staying with NACA, you are staying in the negative becomes who okay? You are not staying amaka he or she is taking in the negative, it becomes Hawkeye. He or she is not staying.

And now the pro to NACA, we are all staying in the negative, it becomes hard to chi. We are all not tane Naka, you are all staying in the negative becomes hum Chi. You are all notes stay Wanaka they are all staying in the negative becomes how okay. They are not staying now, students I'm sure you're familiar with the pattern NACA NACA, NACA to NACA, NACA Wanaka. This pattern applies to all verse in Swahili NACA curry buena officee. Stay staying near the office.

See Okay, Mama Wang. Nina car. Now in q1, I'm not staying with my mother. I am staying with my wife. Now you can notice Nina car has changed to see Kai in that case, Ck na mama Juan de Naka Nam Qian. Wanaka walkie.

Where are you staying? respond. Nina aka noon Bonnie Yeah, Rafi Kisan. I am staying at my friend's house. Who okay you've been here Peter. Are you know staying at Peter's response ck new Bonnie.

A pita. Nina, CA in Banja john, I'm not staying at Peter's house. I'm staying at John's house who Naka change to who Chi in the negative so you can see who Chi pneumonia pita anaka nanny Who is he staying with? Respond amaka Gemma Yaki he's staying with his family he okay now mama waka Anika Nam Kiyosaki he is not staying with his mother. He is staying with his wife. America as change to how okay in the negative So you can see how okay now mamaki Annika Mountain kawaki.

To NACA, new Bonnie yet we are staying at our home. Tonight NACA caribou Nam Angie. We are staying close to town. How to chi hotel Leni to NACA, new Bonnie. We are not staying in the hotel. We are staying at home to NACA as change to have to pay in the negative.

So you can see how to chi Otellini Janaka new money. NACA Naka, Nairobi Are you all staying in Nairobi? response. How pana had to pay Nairobi. Lucky me to knock Africa. No, we don't stay in Nairobi, but we stay in pika Hello.

Hi I'm Kay Nairobi. Kini Makka. Tikka. Oh, you are all know staying in Nairobi, but to stay in pika. Naka as change to hum Chi in the negative, so you can see hum Chi, Nairobi, la Kini Naka Tikka Wanaka katika Nairobi. They are staying in Nairobi.

How okay katika Intercontinental Hotel one aka Qatar Hilton Hotel. They are not staying at the Intercontinental Hotel. They are staying in Hilton Hotel one occur as change to how okay in the negative so you can see how our chi katika Intercontinental Hotel Wanaka Karthika Hilton Hotel and now let's see some kind of possession using staying Sasa una kawaii. Where are you staying now? response Nina ca katika nuba Yara I am staying in my friend's house. Mary Annika curry buena Shula is Mary's staying near the school response Kneel marry Anika.

Caribana. Sheila. Yes, Mary is staying near the school. Naka nanny Who are you all staying with? response to Naka na Gemma with two. We are staying with our family.

One aka Nairobi are they staying in Nairobi? response hapana How? Okay, Nairobi. One account Mombasa? No, do not stay in Nairobi. They are staying in Mombasa.

Wanaka hospital lynnie are they staying at the hospital? respond. Do Wanaka hospital Dini? Yes, they are staying at the hospital and in Asana, thank you all very much, quite hairy. Goodbye. I'll see you in the next lesson.

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