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About the Class

Is your resume magnetic?

In the job search jungle, you simply must have a magnetic resume, one that rivals that of any professional resume writer, and one that makes your value instantly clear to the resume reviewer - enough to compel them to call you in for an interview.

This online course includes:

  • Immediate and lifetime access to the entire magnetic resume makeover course
  • The magnetic resume workbook
  • The magnetic resume fill-in-the-blank template

What will you learn in this class?

  • The real purpose of your resume and why if you don't understand this, then your resume is probably hurting you and not helping you
  • The 3 resume blockers that derail your resume and how to blast through them
  • The psychology-backed, battle-tested magnet framework that turns your resume into an opportunity magnet
  • M of Magnet: Maximize keywords in your resume so that the evil ATS robot can't filter your resume out
  • A of Magnet: Address human bias of the resume reviewer and influence it to make the decision to shortlist you
  • G of Magnet: Grab attention in the top third of page one of your resume using key marketing strategies
  • N of Magnet: Nuke the robot of the applicant tracking software (ATS) and beat it at its own game
  • E of Magnet: Ease brain pain of the human reviewers by making it easy for them to find exactly what they are looking for
  • T of Magnet: Trigger curiosity and the desire to call you in for an interview using the biggest motivator for all hiring managers
  • Magnetize each section of your resume: Contact Information, career summary, work experience, education, and more
  • Do a final once over of your magnetic resume to ensure it's free from the most common resume killers

Now, got an interview call for a job you really want?

Congratulations, the decision to hire you is 80% done. The remaining 20% between you and the job offer is the interview. To ace the interview and get that job offer, you need to oh-so-tactfully handle the interview and the interviewer. But the interview is less about your qualifications and experience, and more about understanding the psychology of persuasion in order to influence the interviewer to hire you. That's why I'm giving you a special bonus:

Breakthrough the Interview Mini-Course and The Secret Ultimate Interview Questions Guide (Pdf).

Breakthrough the Interview teaches the psychological secrets of persuasion and the tactical approach to answering competency-based questions. Don't go to your next job interview unprepared. Get yourself ready to Breakthrough the Interview. Imagine walking into an interview, confident because you know exactly what to do and what to say to have the interviewers 100% convinced that you are the ideal candidate for their job opportunity. It's easy when you know how to apply the psychology of Influence.

In this bonus mini-course, you'll get the insider tips to influence the interviewer in your favor. These tips are based on my background in psychology and over 19 years of experience working as a recruiter and HR consultant for the corporate world.


Rahila Narejo

LinkedIn Strategist, Master of Psychology
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My name is Rahila Narejo In case you’ve never heard of me **horrified gasp**, here’s why I’m uniquely and firmly qualified to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about career alignment and acceleration: I have 18+ years of experience working as an HR Consultant with Fortune 500 companies. I was pulled into writing a career advice...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 3 hours 59 minutes
18 Videos
4 Documents
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