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Career Security in the Gig Economy

Managing your career in this world of dramatic change can be frustrating. Learn how to guide your career by exploring the new economics of career security.

Career Security in the Gig Economy

Managing your career in this world of dramatic change can be frustrating. Learn how to guide your career by exploring the new economics of career security.
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Machine learning & digital automation will eliminate 75 million jobs by 2025 - Sept. 2018 / World Economic Forum

Borrowing from the language of jazz musicians, the gig economy refers to the significant increase of short term, contract, temporary and freelance work being done today in organizations of all size, in every sector of the economy. Full-time, long-term secure jobs for everyone is no longer the best way to get work done in today's fast-moving organizations. This new reality has created a profound shift in career management that few of us are ready for, but many have already experienced first hand.

This insightful webinar provides a practical approach to create the building blocks necessary to establish a career that will thrive in this current turbulent environment by exploring the new economics of career security. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore the forces reshaping organizations today that are resulting in this fundamental shift in how work is getting done.
  2. Discover the four components of career management - know yourself; know your marketplace; have something valuable to offer; run your career as if it were your business.
  3. Uncover the economic principles of career security necessary to thrive in this job insecure marketplace.
  4. Measure your current level of readiness for this rapidly evolving world of work. 

Who This Course is For:

  • People in the early years of their career journey.
  • People navigating their mid-career years looking forward to another decade or two of work.
  • People late in their career trying to squeeze out a few more years before winding things down.

Something you never want to hear from your boss: 
"Accounting has calculated how much we have paid you compared to how much work you have actually done. 
You owe us $16, 259."

Format of this Course:

This course was recorded with a live audience across Canada. It contains a number of polls, chats, and assessments. You can watch the program from start to finish if you like. However, it is easier if you watch it in sections and do the exercises laid out in the program to help you get the most of the ideas shared.

Recent Feedback from Participants:

  • "I really enjoyed this thoughtfully presented course. It gave me lots to think about and many useful takeaways to work through on my own. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for some advice and insight into career security."
  • "The course provides insightful and stimulating questions that are applicable to individuals in a multitude of job sectors. For any individuals who are looking to make a career change, strike out on their own, or are simply looking to grow in their current position, this course provides the tools to do so."
  • "The rise of automation and machine learning isn't slowing down anytime soon, and neither is the impact these advances in technology have on how work is being done. This course gives you context to better understand these changes and the resources you need to help navigate and thrive in this constantly evolving shift in career management. Regardless of your industry or point in your career, this course provides productive reflections that can help you plan for success and career security in the constantly evolving world of work that we're experiencing today."

Majority of America's workforce will freelance by 2027 - Freelancing in America 2017


There are no prerequisites for this class. This is for everyone who is somewhere on their own career journey. 

About the instructors

Chris Edgelow

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For more than 30 years, Chris Edgelow has provided consulting & training programs and published a wide variety of resources for helping people and organizations change. He has worked throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Chris taught at the university level and is a sought after speaker and many conferences each year. 

Always engaging and very practical in his approach, Chris helps people face the reality of what is happening in their organizations and find ways to build the necessary leadership capacity to ensure their changes succeed. 

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