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Meditation for Beginners - Module 1

Fundamentals of Meditation from someone who has practiced and studied meditations from all over the world.

Meditation for Beginners - Module 1

Fundamentals of Meditation from someone who has practiced and studied meditations from all over the world.
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About the Class

There are many people in the world who know meditation would be good for them - but are overwhelmed on where to start. Buddhist meditation, Hindu meditation, breathing meditation, Insight meditation, tantric meditation - the list is endless (and confusing)

This course (taught by a scientifically minded person), breaks down the KEY ELEMENTS that are common to all teachings - so you learn the very essence of meditation and how to do it. 

Step by step and easy to follow the course will give you a clear understanding of what meditation is, the psychology behind why it works and how to do it. 

Included is a lecture on how to meditate and guided meditations that you can download to your phone to play during your meditation practice. 

Think back to the last time stress caused you to explode with anger and frustration or sink down into depression and anxiety. Don't let this happen again - Start this course now.

Who this course is for:
  • People interested in meditation
  • Anyone confused by the huge variety of meditations available
  • Beginner meditators


Peter Radcliffe

Meditation Guru
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I specialise in mindfulness meditation combined with transformative life coaching with NLP to bring about a more powerful and skillful mind in the people we serve. Run a meditation circle on our behalf or become empowered through our teachings.

Class Requirements

  • Will need access to computer and internet connection.
  • It would be helpful to have a phone or mp3 player to download meditation audios.

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes
16 Videos
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