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Creating Your Upsells

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Creating upsells can be difficult at times, because you'll wonder what I should offer that is inside the customer's mind thinking about boy, I really need this after I already got this. And I think that this excerpt from my book sales funnel secrets perfectly sums it up. So I'm just gonna quickly read this for you. Now, for those of you who don't know, Oto is the acronym for one time offer. It's a special offer where you make immediately right after a purchase. All right, and you want to first really keep in mind that when I started selling products online, I didn't know this either.

So if you don't, that's quite all right. See, back when I started, I was able to spend, you know, $100 on Google AdWords and make 200 back. But Google changed a few algorithms, and then I ended up losing money. So I found out that the only way to survive online was to offer additional upsells and one time offers and that was giving someone the ability or the opportunity to purchase a special item are some cool add on that, you know, I normally wouldn't offer it was truly like a one time deal. So once I was able to like start mastering how not to piss people off by asking them to buy more of something after they just paid me, I was able to actually get my customers to spend more, which raised my average cart value up, which means I could spend more to acquire a new customer every time.

So how did I avoid pissing off all my customers while doing this? Well, again, I ended up shortening a script and placed more emphasis on confirming the initial purchase, and then quickly convincing them to say yes to the second offer, typically an Oto videos only about three to five minutes long. And we went over that script already, but our revenue has increased dramatically since introducing that system. I mean, again, it's gotten us to be able to close anywhere from $97 upsells to $997 ups. sells just by using this method. So, when I got into it, I understood that, hey, yeah, now I have to spend $200 on paid ads to make that same money back.

But with one time offers, I could get 200 or $250 back. So it became again just like printing money. So it was the idea of understanding when I put in these offers these upsells it raised the value and late raised up the amount of money that I could spend to get each customer to come through. So the script all worked well. Again, the key for the script that you have to understand what how it works was how you structure your one time offer. Most of the script is pre framing.

So like 80% of it is just getting a yes. And then once you get that, yes to the upsell, it relies on the structure of your offer and how it's the next step or its One of these, you know things, it's going to three x two x or it's getting help with this certain thing. That's 80% of the structure. And that's how you get most of your Yes. And then the final 20% relies actually on the script. So now here are a few guidelines.

And this is the 80% that you need to keep in mind when you apply the Oto script and you start creating your one time offers or upsells. So two main rules, all right, and that is, do not sell more of the same thing. That's rule number one. Rule number two is don't sell a random product. Now I'm going to expand on these rules just a little bit. And this is one mistake that I see a lot of entrepreneurs make when they do their upsells.

They're thinking, ah, they love this. So they're going to love another this. Someone who just bought a diet guide on how to lose weight. Believe it or not, it could still be 300 pounds, but you say hey, this is gonna shrink you down, it's gonna give you a six pack or whatever. They just bought a weight loss guide to them right after they bought it. I don't know, it's just crazy inside the customers mind, they think it's salt, they could still be fat as all hell and to them inside their mind.

That's done that's over, I'm gonna get skinny, my life's good, I'm fine. Now, what's the next thing? So in when you do that, you have to understand that in their mind, whatever they just bought that problem that you were addressing to solve it is now solved, it's over. So the biggest mistake you can end up making is selling more of the same thing. So I gave the idea of an E book titled skinny jeans juicing, and your next offer shouldn't be another juicing product and it shouldn't even be really another weight loss product. So again, just think about it in those terms that it's not about selling the same thing over and over and over and over left Right, it's about having a desired result that you keep approaching in different fashion.

Number two, don't sell a random product. So it means I sold that skinny jean juicing. Now I'm not going to sell you financial market statistics or how to manage your bank account, or how to make money online. That just doesn't make sense that doesn't go together. It's even the same thing when you say, Here's skinny jean juicin and here's how you should you know how you can take steroids and build muscle that that does not match it may even be in the health inch, right? But that's definitely a specific type of health niche.

I'd be bodybuilders you know how to take certain steroids or XYZ. So you want to keep it within the same industry and relatable to what you're selling. Don't make it random. So there's three upsell structures I like to keep with a number one that is the next thing. Number two, doing it faster and everything Need help. So when it comes to number one, the next thing you want to keep in mind that, hey, I just sold someone scathing juicing, so the next logical product to reach that desired result.

Because here it's how to get healthy, right. That's what their main thing is I need to lose weight, trying to get healthy and feel better about myself, and how I live my life. So the desired result is to have a total body transformation, their mind, their body, their health, everything, they want to feel great, they want to feel amazing. They want to feel attractive to the opposite sex or whoever they're attracted to. That's what they want to be they want to be magnet. So that's the desired result.

What's something that's going to get them closer to that goal, so hey, you just lost your weight. Now, you should maybe learn how to work out and do these exercises to build muscle, and maybe you should also buy this. One other idea that's going to help you You know, meditate and get mental health. Or here's another thing that's going to do XYZ in accordance with you know, weight loss, it's going to two x three exit. So that's another thing that you can do with upsell. Number two is to speed up the process.

So you can say now this course isn't incomplete, right? You don't you don't ever want to say that. You don't want to say that what you just bought is incomplete. Without this, you want to say this is going to add on to it. And it's going to give you double the results or triple the results twice as fast. So I say three x two x.

And when you do that, the do it faster sale is a very easy thing for me, you know, I do the book. And then I say, Hey, now you need traffic to put inside that sales funnel. So that's the you know, next step. And then I say, hey, if you want to make more money, you want to do it faster, get my perfect webinar. Secrets, while I do have the The entire script and the outline and the perfect webinar formula. All inside my book, I want to give you seven, eight hours of my best training on how to do this.

And it's going to make you successful. Because when you create the proper sales funnel and the proper webinar, it's going to allow you to exponentially grow two x three x, or three x two X, whatever you do, just make sure you stick to these three rules for the upsells. And then the third one is needing help. So hey, you just bought this product, maybe it needs some help on learning how to use it. So we bought we know we got a order form bump and these work great for order form bumps is a great training like here's how to use XYZ. Here's what you know you can have.

So you know how to get the most out of this software program that we gave you. There's an entire training course to give you advanced methods on becoming the The best, you know, sales funnel builder, or how to be the best email marketer or whatever our software is. So that's a great one with need help, it could also be just for products, you know, you just bought this product, you want to learn more about it get more advanced, then you can get the need help kind where, hey, it also one neat help that I even use, and it's great. It's a quick, easy, you know, I call kind of call it my back fall is if you don't know what to do for your, basically your third upsell, or, you know, if you're not going to do an order form bump, your second upsell, then you can offer your own coaching and you can give that hourly at $250.

That's usually where I suggest starting. Um, you know, if it's not 250, then I would suggest basically 500 and above for that and don't put it too out of hand put it maybe like $500 and just give it like the introductory first hour is $500 and then after that maybe $1,000 an hour, whatever you end up doing. That's an awesome an upsell just to kind of back fall on and keeps within all the structure so that people don't feel like I said p owed when you ask them to buy another product after they just finished buying your front end core product. So it's gonna end up in some good conversion rates. Make sure that you of course, split test your squeeze page and your sales page, because that's what's going to allow you to test your upsells a lot more

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