Squeeze Page Secrets

12 minutes
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Okay, so now that we've kind of covered the big picture, I'm going to go into the small details of everything. And when it comes to a squeeze page, squeeze pages can be really simple. And they really should just stay as simple as possible. And what I usually talk about is what I call and maybe I should just draw a straight line through what I call above the fold. And above the fold means whatever you see within your browser immediately that screen without having to scroll downward. Whatever you see in that frame, that's what should be your squeeze page.

There really shouldn't be any information below here, but if you do, it should be unimportant information or just axillary or additional information. And your squeeze your Submit button should be somewhere around here. Or even a little bit higher up but That's quite all right. It needs to be within the fold. That's the main idea. So I do a lot of testing, you know, on mobile browsers, things like that.

You want to make sure your page is also mobile optimized. because more and more as things go forward. I'm going to give you guys a quick tip. And this is like so valuable worth probably about $10,000 I paid for it is that 50% of your traffic is coming desktop 50% Mobile, more and more as that goes forward? It's always the same thing that's going to become more mobile. Yes, that's true.

But here's the big tip out of your mobile, you should have that optimized for opt ins purely because the most opt ins are going to come in via mobile. But let me tell you this 80% of all buyers will be on desktop. All right. That's because people were serious who are really interested business people, they're sitting down there at a desk. There's some even a laptop that still counts as a desktop. But they have something where they're, they're right there.

They're focused on someone on their mobiles, just blue. Sometimes they're driving, you know. So it's like, yeah, I'll quickly opt in while I'm at this red light, and then boom, they throw it off to the, you know, the side passenger seat or whatever else. Mobile users aren't there for long mobile users aren't very savvy and buying. Mobile users aren't going to go click through and go, Oh, yeah, let me type in every little credit card number. It takes a lot of time.

It's very new, some a much a nuisance to them. And they're just all about hey, what can I have with one click? Now once it gets eventually to Click Funnels, and having them with one click purchases that they can make on their mobile phones? Oh, yeah, mobile becomes great for buying then, but for front end offers and those first initial things to get people's credit card information that front end offer you You're going to have most of those people be desktop users. So keep that in mind. But do optimize for both went with your squeeze page.

So both mobile and that. Now, the way that I always position, everything that I do for my squeeze pages is how to blank. Let me quickly read you that without blank. That's as simple as it really is. And that's all it needs to be how to lose weight. Without exercise.

Start off simple, simple is best. Once you go from simple you can add additional details, adverbs, adjectives, things that you know go how to lose weight, how to lose 30 pounds, how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days without exercise without access Or sizing or you know daily or without exercising, and sweat. Whatever it is, you start building off of that basic thing how to lose right weight without exercise. And once you have that basic thing, start building off those concepts. And that's all your tagline is going to be. It's just that nothing else.

And then from there, I experiment and I usually say we're going to want to have is and there's not enough room really to show you but, you know, I'll kind of give it how the spacing would be a picture there. And there's going to be a picture or a video I do a split test and I suggest you do what's known as a B. Split tests. And this is easy to do inside Click Funnels, they clone over the page with one click, and they will show you after you send your traffic you know You can send 50% here, you know, 40% here, 60% there or 1090, whatever you want to do, it's just a little drag and drop. So clickfunnels makes it so easy to do. So you just move it around, boom, boom, boom.

And then you can create your split tests, you clone the page and change one thing about that page one thing, and I'm talking one word, or one color, or you do a picture versus a video. That's all it is one difference because you're trying to find what really clicks and works. That's how you're going to instantly it's gonna seem slow at first, like, Oh my gosh, like, how am I gonna? And then boom, you're gonna find this huge success. I started out with a 25% conversion rate. So I'm just letting you know, it's gonna be probably crappy when you first start out.

That's how it is. You just don't know what you don't know. I'm giving you things to copy. If you're within my niche or you even want to copy my layouts and my nature and my simplicity. I do suggest that but with that being said, you're just going to usually have a how to blank without blank. Statement a picture or video pictures have usually worked best.

But sometimes videos do, the video should be short, they should be as short as saying, Hey, my name is so and so I'm going to show you how to blank without blank. If you want to learn how now it's going to be something free down below, boom, you just look below. Now, the other thing that I'm going to add on about this, that'll be an additional bonus for you that how to you're just going to add on a statement here. And you'll say, oops, in big caps, three, and then whatever it is, you know, p d, f, and I usually put this all in bold and I underline it as well. So free PDF shows you how to lose weight without exercise or you know that big statement that you have. So if it's not a PDF it's the video let them know free video or free ebook or free die.

Or free study, you know, if it's a case study, whatever it is, just let them know what it is for free, free blank, right? Those are the first two words people read. So they go, okay, and that's going to increase your OPT in rate and insane amount, then you're going to say how to blank without blank, and you're going to start switching out, you know, maybe I'm not going to say, lose 30 pounds in 30 days, maybe I'll just say lose 30 pounds, that's good enough for people, right? You know, of course, I think it's sexier to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, so they'll probably perform better, you'll eventually get the internal marketer that you know, talks to you and goes, Yeah, that sounds a lot better. And you know what, it probably it usually does end up performing better when you listen to it, you'll know.

It's what clicks. So, with that being said, free PDF shows you how to lose weight without exercise. Great. So now you have your picture here, and there's going to be a button. Most the time, I suggest that this button is green. All right.

This should all be green. Cuz in English speaking countries, Green means go red means stop. That's why you're how to and then usually that big term right here, whoops, that term should be in red. The how to would probably be in black, you know, right here how to. And then they'll be in red and then without will be in black as well. So how to blank without and you may even put that in red as well, but most the time I put the big how to something that's their problem.

That's why they're there, right? And that's red, so they stop on it. Even the free PDF I'll put in red because it's free PDF, lose, you know, lose weight, so they're just like, Okay, got it. And then they look down and the subliminals inside them trigger with green means go and it says inside here, this this button We'll say if I can put it all in, get free instant access. I know I couldn't fit it in, but you'll be able to resize the font inside clickfunnels or whatever process that you use for building out your squeeze pages and sales funnels. I again suggest Click Funnels.

So get free instant access. Those are the four most powerful words that you can start off with. From there you can split test and change, you know, say, get free access or free instant access or free access or get your free PDF, click here to get your free PDF. You can change all that stuff around but when it comes to a default where I start out with is get free instant access. You can't get any more to the point than those four words and they're all instant you know those types of words that just assimilate with people and why they sign up. Get Okay, I'm going to get it free, great, that's re re rebuilding that scenario.

This is free for me instant means it's going to arrive right away, I don't have to do additional stuff, access. This is something that's, you know, closed off to the world, but I'm getting immediate access to that. So get free Instant Access is usually what the squeeze page button says. They click on that. And then it submits everything. When they leave, I do suggest that you have what's known as an exit pop.

Something they'll pop up doesn't take up all the page, but some of the page and it'll just say something like, you know, stop. And then you'll say something like, wait. You know, and usually I'll have an additional signup button here. Wait, sign up for you know, a cool, special thing you know, I'm going to give you this as well for signing up which normally I already gave anyway, so I don't have to do anything additional. It's just something where it's like, oh, that so it's just for me because I left the really everyone gets it. But it seems cool.

So I do that with almost everyone, like, wait and I'm also going to give you this but something I already talked about in some my PDF for my video or my whatever. But to them, it's like that little extra, you know, maybe it was something I didn't hit the topic right there. But with this person who's leaving there, they want, they want to maybe lose weight, but maybe they want to learn how to you know, tone up their their definition. So it's like, hey, wait, not only will you lose weight, I'll show you how to build muscle, you know, and they're like, Oh, cool. So now that they've signed up, okay, got that they're interested in that. So then they're gonna move over to that bridge page.

And that's what we're going to be covering next. Once they've signed up, you know, you've optimized that page. That's what's gonna end up happening is they're going to move over to that bridge page, and we're going to change That perspective of them being in the mind state of free, free, free, free, free to I'm ready to buy

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