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GOLF 102- Greenside Bunkers

Learn how to hit out of Greenside Bunkers with confidence.

GOLF 102- Greenside Bunkers

Learn how to hit out of Greenside Bunkers with confidence.
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This class is for everyone that needs help out of greenside bunkers. You will gain the confidence and knowledge to get out of any bunker. 

Greenside Bunkers;

  • Introduction
  • Learn which clubs to use
  • How to set up
  • Proper divot and clubface angle
  • Backswing needed to hit clean bunker shots
  • Swing Path for confident shots
  • Trouble & Buried Lies
  • Summary of your learning

Hope this helps with any issues you may have when getting out of greenside bunkers.

Thanks, Paul Buchanan

About the instructors

Paul Buchanan

Master Teacher/Fitter in Golf
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Paul Buchanan     Victoria, Australia

  • Master Teacher/Fitter(one of two in the world)
  • Over 30 years of coaching and playing experience.
  • Trained 3000+ professionals around the world as well as helping local players and beginners with their game.
  • Inventor of new golf club designs and club fitting systems for companies.
  • Owner & inventor of Yin Yang Golf Clubs.
  • Author of training manuals for PGA Professionals in the art of coaching and club fitting. 
  • Author of Secrets of Path or Line Players
  • Winner of Western Tour Championship, Power Ranch Open & order of merit winner on the Michelob Tour.
  • Lowest scores recorded in tournaments, 60 Ahwatukee, AZ and 61 The Barn, Ut. 
  • Speaker at PGA of America and Australia PGA coaching summits.

I have worked with players who have gone on to become #1 in the world rankings or have their first win on tour. I enjoy helping players achieve their goals in golf, while I learn at the same time in mastering my craft. 

I hope you enjoy this journey with me in learning how to play better golf, Paul Buchanan


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