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About the Class

You’ve read a ton of success books, and taken a gazillion self-help seminars – but now you’re wondering why the heck you aren't rich yet.

Simple. You haven’t taken this course.

After interviewing 500 millionaires over 20 years, Napoleon Hill compiled the world’s greatest scientific study on the accumulation of wealth in his book Think & Grow Rich.

Now you can learn his “Secrets” without effort – because we condensed this course into an easy-peasy, step-by-step process to help you become richer – faster.

No video is over 5 minutes because fewer words = more impact.

Plus, we added fun and entertaining commentary to keep you awake in class.

Learn success secrets from the wealthiest people in American history.

Discover the 13 success principles virtually every millionaire has used to achieve massive wealth.

What will you learn in this course?

  • End procrastination
  • Maintain a red-hot, burning desire to achieve your goal
  • Use your mind to reach your goals, instead of relying on physical labor
  • Create money-making decisions in your sleep. (Yeah, millionaires sleep on the job – and get paid very well for doing it.)
  • Tap into your subconscious, activate your 6th sense, and even turn your sexual desire into a magical money-making machine! (Yeah, you read that right, tiger or tigress.)

Choose to become filthy, stinkin’ rich!

There are never any guarantees – but you will build a solid foundation for success with our course.

Many people work hard to achieve success. Few know how to “think” themselves rich.

Our fast-paced, entertaining course helps you acquire the fundamentals you need to obtain any goal you desire – health, wealth, and even romance.

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What's included in the class?

 15 video lessons

Class Authors

Elaine Wilkes, Phd, Ma

Learn the Best Info in the Fastest Way — From a Learning Addict
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Elaine's has created online courses that have consistently earned and maintained the valued “highest-rated” badges from her thousands of students.

Why her courses are so well received:

Elaine has a high level of expertise in the subject matters of her courses, and presents them in a fun and easy to follow manner. It's the stuff you're gonna use. Buddabing. Buddaboom.

Her courses are so well received because of the following reasons:

Elaine writes the courses and is accomplished in that area. She's an internationally published author and has received the prestigious Publishers Weekly rare star recommendation. She also wrote and self-published several books, and is the recipient of six awards for her writings. 

She was in the entertainment business for years, so, therefore, her courses are not bor-ring. She signed an exclusive acting contract with NBC and appeared on numerous television shows. Elaine was a season regular on the hit TV show Dallas and was in many movies. She acted with A-list actors such as Mark Harmon, Madonna, Courtney Cox, Bruce Willis, Billy Zane, Ted Danson, Larry Hagman, and others, and worked with legendary directors including John Hughes, Blake Edwards, and Joe Sedelmaier. She's also appeared in over 70 TV commercials. She learned a lot working with all those super talents, and her courses reflect it.

She's attended over 1000 classes. She has a Ph.D. in naturopathy, a master’s degree in psychology, and certificates in many health fields, including nutrition. Because she's been to so many classes, and observed so many teachers, and her courses reflect it.

Elaine has appeared as an expert on CNN Headline News and in publications such as the Chicago TribuneHuffingtonPost, Forbes, First for Women, Women’s World, and others. Again, these top media pick interesting people.

She's also been an Apple Addict for over a decade.

Please check out Elaine’s courses, and know you’ll learn the topics easily, and in the fastest amount of time.



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