Mental Triggers

4 minutes
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Hello, and welcome to this topic on how to remove the mental triggers. So this is consistent with every smoker I speak to who's quit using whichever variety of methods and it's most prominent for me on a very personal level. As above all else, the thing that I really noticed when I stopped smoking was the mental triggers. I put my fears to one side or squash them completely. I had no longer any desire to smoke as I realized that it was doing nothing for me other than to add more stress and panic into my life. So after I stopped, I had all these mental triggers or what sometimes I've referred to in this course as mental conditioning yourself to smoke.

I found it quite an interesting experience as it was something that I had not anticipated. So the nicotine will actually completely leave your bloodstream after bloodstream sorry, after about three weeks of not smoking. But the mental triggers can linger as you steadily remove them one at a time from your mind. What I mean by this is it's the voice or the thought that pops into your head several times a day telling you it's time for a cigarette. Or maybe you could just fit in a cigarette now or whatever it is that it's saying to you. It's the feeling you have when you finish eating a meal that says, wouldn't a cigarette just finish this off nicely?

Now, you're most likely experienced this as part of conditioning your body and my back to the state of being a nonsmoker. Now, what do you do when you hear these thoughts in your head? You hear it's time for a cigarette now. And you say, No, it isn't. Now, that may sound like I'm telling you to use willpower or something like having some kind of internal battle, and that's certainly not what I'm saying. But it's highly likely you will have these thoughts for a few weeks when you stop.

A Reason being is your addiction or your ritual or whatever you want to call it, it's still a very mildly going to be there in your mind. You have no desire to smoke, but you will have mental triggers that just pop up here in there. This does last for a short period of time, and I had a lot of them for a few days after stop him. Just because I smoke so much that I had a thought every time every time I had a spare five minutes really, each time they popped up I just thought, No thanks. I don't want one. Because in all honesty, I really didn't want one over a couple of weeks.

That vastly reduced to the point I couldn't actually tell you when they stopped because I was not having them very often, if at all. I did have a totally random one about a year later in a bar with some friends. They were smoking and the had this mental trigger just popped into my head. I was so surprised. I had this little residue trigger there. I just started laughing.

All my friends asked me what was so funny. And I told them that I just had this random mental trigger about smoking pop into my head. And I mean, my immediate response to the thought was, I don't even remember being a smoker. So What on earth are you going on about? I would say I was probably the last one that I ever actually remember having. But not to worry, I wasn't having them all year long or anything, it was just due to being in that particular situation, not been in for a very long time.

And also that you were able to smoke inside in a bar, which is just something that doesn't really happen very often now. And it just seems to have popped into into my mind. So please, don't get deterred by having these mental triggers pop up. It happens to every smoker I've ever spoken to who's still smokes or has tried to quit in the past. I thought I would do wants to mention them and have this in that formula, because no one ever seems to talk about it until I actually bring it up. And then suddenly everyone who has stopped say, oh, I've had a really similar experience.

But don't worry, these don't cause you any pain. If anything, they're gonna make you laugh at how daft they sound. So just to sum up, if you have a mental trigger pop into your head, you can just think, no thanks. I'm a happy nonsmoker. And that's it. You'll be amazed how quickly you can remove that mental condition that you set in place yourself all that time ago Anyway, when you first started and taught yourself to smoke, so your mind put all these triggers into place.

And now you're basically just removing them. And that's basically it. It's as simple as that. Now, that's the end of this module. So we've just got one more to go on. I will see you there.

Bye for now.

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