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Hello and welcome to the final module in this course. First of all I'd like to say congratulations, you're almost over the final hurdle Now, every step you've taken so far has been leading you to reach your happy new life as a nonsmoker. So before I get into the first topic, I just want to give you a quick recap or overview of how far you've come. You've taken a look back at your own personal journey and experience as to why you started smoking, and why you still continue to smoke. You made the all important choice to stop and you now have that self belief in you that you can and will stop. You've been asking yourself, what exactly is this doing for me every time you've been having a cigarette from here on in.

So you've been applying the simple formula of choosing to stop removing any fear that you have and removing your desire to smoke, and most importantly, being aware of those pesky little mental triggers that may pop up in the short period after you've quit. So you're now prepared and ready to go. Now looking back on all of that, that you've done, just think What an amazing achievement that is. And I'm sure by now you just really want to stop. And you're now starting to wonder why I've kept you smoky and as you do on a day to day basis all the way through this course. So please enjoy these last few videos, which will help you decide when to smoke your last cigarette, and what the next steps to take off from there.

So I'll see you in the first topic. Bye for now.

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