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About the Class

How will this course help you to use Photoshop professionally?

In this course, I’ll teach you many new techniques and tricks which will enable you to make Posters, Photo Manipulation, Composting, and Creative Retouching. Using these techniques will help make your work clean, professional, and look real.

Why is this course different?

You’ll learn from a Visual Artist who is already in the labor market and is working in one of the biggest Studios. You will learn the tricks that will help you to upgrade your work so that you can see that I consider every tiny detail.

I uploaded the materials that I used in the course, download it for free and use to make a nice visual and add them to your portfolio.

Notice: In this course and the upcoming courses, I choose movie posters, famous designs and teach the students how to make something just like that. Please know that everything is easy to do.

The original design was done by Featherwax.

Who should take this course?
  • This course is perfect for the intermediate or advanced user who wants to learn new techniques.
  • If you’re a beginner user and you want to learn what is in this course, I advise you to watch it and if you have any questions in any step forward me your question and wait for many other courses for beginners soon.

Class Requirements

  • Any version of Adobe Photoshop.
  • You should have basic knowledge of Photoshop.
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What's included in the class?

 9 video lessons

Class Authors

Kerollos Magdy

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Hello, My name is Kerollos Magdy, Aka Kero.

I'm a self-taught Visual Artist with 5 years experience. I started as a Graphic Designer then I specialized in Photo Manipulation, Composting and Creative Retouching.

Thereby, I'm fully aware of the tricks needed for beginners to help them become amazing artists, not just any techniques, but techniques that will make them professionals. That's my mission.

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