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This class is designed to address best practices in writing dialogue. While the focus of the course is on dialogue for novels, it is equally relevant to writers of screenplays and plays.

After watching this course, you should better understand:

  1. How dialogue propels your narrative forward and develops your characters
  2. The best ways to write what characters say
  3. How to write action and dialogue tags that enhance and do not distract from what characters are saying
  4. Common dialogue pitfalls and how to avoid them

This class has something for everyone-beginner to intermediate!

There is a handy Dialogue Checklist attachment in the Class Project section. The checklist should help you follow along and will be a helpful guide when you are doing your writing.

I recommend trying out the class project; the best way to improve your writing is to write!


There are no prerequisites!

About the instructors

Barbara Vance

Author, Illustrator
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Barbara Vance is an author, illustrator and educator. She has a PhD in Narrative and Media, has taught storytelling and media production at several universities, and has spoken internationally on the power of storytelling and poetry. Barbara’s YouTube channel focuses on illustration and creative writing.

Her poetry collection, Suzie Bitner Was Afraid of the Drain, which she wrote and illustrated, is a Moonbeam Children’s Book winner, an Indie Book Award winner, and was twice a finalist for the Bluebonnet Award. Its poems are frequently used in school curricula around the world.

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