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Professionally Recording Vocals

Learn how to record professional-sounding vocals easily.

Professionally Recording Vocals

Learn how to record professional-sounding vocals easily.
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About the Class

In this course, I will tell you, in a nutshell, everything you need to know to create a professional vocal recording yourself.

In the basic version of this course, you will have to put everything into practice alone, and you will also have to judge yourself whether you have done it correctly. That is the only weakness of this course, but it can be a considerable one, depending on how you manage on your own. Unfortunately, the course cannot replace decades of listening experience.

The solution: In the coaching variants of this course, you can consult me personally and thus make sure that you have really done everything right. So you can create a set-up you can use again and again to record vocal tracks.

When I refer to a professional vocal recording, I mean a vocal recording that has the best possible quality, so that it sounds like a studio recording. So please don’t ask me how to extract the best possible audio quality from your smartphone or computer headset.

This course is not for penny pinchers who are not even willing to make a few minimal investments in their work. Because actually, you only have to invest a minimal amount, and you don’t need a studio to record in studio quality.

All you need is the equipment recommended here, a suitable room and the knowledge that I will teach you in this course.


Matthias Ernst Holzmann

German voice over, Singer, Author, Composer, Producer
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I am a professional opera singer, jazz and pop singer, composer, speaker and voice imitator,author, audio producer and video producer, working in my own sound studio under my own label and with my own publishing company. I have 30 years' worth of experience as a music producer and 20 years of experience as an opera singer. I have composed...

What's Included

Level: All levels
Duration: 57 minutes
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