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Low Back Pain Relief Secrets

In Low Back Pain Relief Secrets, you’ll learn about my 21-Day, Low Back Pain Relief Program that anyone can use to eliminate low back pain, reverse bad posture, and get better sleep.

Low Back Pain Relief Secrets

In Low Back Pain Relief Secrets, you’ll learn about my 21-Day, Low Back Pain Relief Program that anyone can use to eliminate low back pain, reverse bad posture, and get better sleep.
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When back pain strikes, it can ruin your life. Reaching for painkillers or having surgery can be ineffective and even dangerous for your health.   

Chronic pain affects 100 million people each year, and low back pain is the most common complaint. When the body’s pain signals keep firing in the nervous system, it can have a draining effect on the quality of life—physically, mentally, and spiritually.   

In the United States, 8 out of 10 people will experience low back pain at some time in their lives. Low back pain is the second most frequent reason for doctor visits, next to the common cold, and it is the leading cause of job-related disabilities.

Your Instructor...

Hi, I'm Morgan Sutherland, and for 17 years, I've been massaging clients who are dealing with low back pain. But when the tables were turned, and I was the one who injured my back… it wasn't massage that healed my low back pain... instead, it was a series of highly targeted exercises!   

Inspired by my experience with reversing my severe low back pain, and fueled by a vibrant enthusiasm to share these exercise routines with anyone who has back pain, I began to passionately research how to quickly cure back pain at home. I learned a wealth of information.    

Who this Low Back Pain Relief Secrets for?

This course is for low back pain sufferers who...

  • When they stand up from a seated position, their back stiffens up and goes into spasm.   

  • Throw their back put every time they bend over and attempt to tie their shoes.   

  • Avoid taking leisurely walks because they have a "bad back" and are embarrassed being seen limping around in agony.   

  • Have trouble getting a good night's sleep because of their dull, aching pain in your lower back.   

What You'll Learn

In this 21-Day, Low Back Pain Relief Program you will learn:   

  • Nine Worst Back Exercises for Back Pain

  • Four Common Reasons for Lower Back Pain 

  • A 21-Day, Low Back Pain exercises routine   

  • A 15-minute, doctor-recommended back pain relief exercise routine.    

  • Six foam-rolling moves to conquer back pain.    

  • A 6-minute emergency back pain treatment that’s safe for both herniated and bulging discs.    

  • Seven exercises to prevent future back spasms and herniated discs.    

  • Seven resistance-band exercises for low back pain.    

  • Four moves to do before you roll out of bed.     

If you can make time to do a daily 15- to 30-minute back pain relief exercise routine, you’ll soon be on your way to feeling good again. It’s essential to feel your best to make the most of every day. Let me show you how!

I look forward to seeing you inside!


  • You should have basic computer skills and access to a wifi connection
  • No fancy gym equipment is needed. All you need is a comfortable surface like a carpet, rug or yoga mat.
  • You will need to 15-30 minutes a day to do this at home back pain relief exercise routine.
  • You will also need the will and determination to do the exercises.  I did them for 21 days and BOOM - my back pain vanished! So can yours if you follow my program.

About the instructors

Morgan Sutherland

Massage Therapist and Back Pain Expert
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Since becoming a professional massage therapist in 2000, I’ve has consistently helped thousands of clients manage their back pain with a combination of deep tissue work, cupping, and stretching.

In 2002, I began a career-long tradition of continuing study by being trained in Tuina—the art of Chinese massage—at the world famous Olympic Training Center in Beijing, China.

As an orthopedic massage therapist, I specialize in treating chronic pain and sports injuries and helping restore proper range of motion. In 2006, I became certified as a medical massage practitioner, giving me the knowledge and ability to work with physicians in a complementary healthcare partnership.

Around that same time, I got trained in Cupping Therapy and was amazed by the results I was able to achieve with his chronic pain clients.

After years of successfully using silicone cupping in my private practice, I finally put together a video training so other bodyworkers could learn this versatile healing modality and integrate it into their practice. 

Aside from having a full-time massage practice, I regularly blog about self-care and pain relief tipsA number of those blog posts evolved into books that I self-published on Amazon.  You can see my Amazon Author Page, by going here.

In December 2018, I was interviewed on a holistic radio show called You can listen to that interview here.

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