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Lesson 3

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In this lesson you will have needed to have completed your pedals all the way around. It should look something like this. We're going to work on this center portion of the flower right here, the stamen. If you look really close, you can see like a golden orangey sort of mango color. And I think that's what I'm going to go ahead and put down first, we're going to add a new layer. We're gonna name this layer stamen we're gonna bring this layer all the way to the top.

I'm going to pick a mango cup You can pick whatever color you like. And then make a circle and we're going to hold our our pencil there, it'll make it a straight line. We're going to go up here to edit shape and we're going to make it a circle. Then use your pencil. Select it, use your pencil to center it. D select your arrow at the top left of the mango color up here with your pencil, drag it to the center and fill it on layers.

We're going to drag this back down to the bottom under layer 17 or whatever your last pedal layer was. We're going to add another layer. We're going to rename it Let's name it stamen two Okay, we're going to go to our brushes. There's a stock brush under organic called twig. If you go to colors appear in the right hand corner to your palette, double tap the black, it'll go automatically to black. We're gonna need to bring this layer.

Take it all the way to the top of layer one, so that we can see it. Let's go back to black. And we're just gonna make little marks like this. I want to leave a little bit of the mango color showing through. Let's zoom in. I want to grab I want to grab this the very center of the blue stamen.

So grab that color. Turn your layer back on your stamen layer. Let's turn off the background copy and add a new layer. Let's do stamen blue go to our brushes, organic clay Turn your brush to about a 2%. Let's turn on our mango layer so we can see what that looks like. We're going to add another layer.

Aim it stamen three. We're going to keep that same blue. We're going to come down to hemp, organics pimp. We're going to set our brush at about 10%. Let's make it a little bit bigger. Let's try 12% and I tap each one in the same spot, about four times Back down in brush size to about 12%.

Now when we zoom out, you can see that looks pretty realistic. Over here in layers, I want to combine all of my pedal layers so that it's all on one layer. Before doing this, make sure that all of your pedals look right and what I mean by that is that you don't Have one behind another one that should be in front of another one. I like the way all of mine are placed. So I'm going to show you two ways to do this. The first way is to tap the layer twice, and then merge down and it's combined layer one and two, tap, merge down.

Now the first three layers are combined. An easier way when you have so many layers is to take your two fingers like so and squeeze together. Now, all of these are on one layer and I still have three more layers to add. So now they're all on one layer. Okay, I want to combine my statement together as well. So now I only have three layers.

I want to rename these This one I want to rename stamen background this one will be pedals this one will just be stamen Okay, so now you can see let's turn off our flower and just see what the original looks like. Okay and then turn ours back on. It looks pretty close, right? Pretty close. I'm happy with it. You could go on to replicate the Rest of the pedals in this picture or even the background leaves.

I'm going to stop here and get ready for our next lesson which covers placement, size and color.

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