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Lesson 2

21 minutes
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In this lesson, we'll begin designing our pedals. Now that I have my layer set up, my canvas is ready to be designed. You can zoom in and out using two fingers. Make sure I'm on the third layer. Okay, this little square here, if you hold your finger and touch, it'll change your color appear. Your brush will now paint this color.

Each petal of the flower will be done separately. So I want to take one pedal per layer. So let's work on this pedal right here. I want to zoom in, and I'm going to start down here. So I'm going to tap here. Touch where I want it.

This I'm going to outline the pedal first. So I'm going to take this dark purple color here. Now it starts changing to light purple here. So I'm going to touch the light color. This is dark here. I'm gonna go all the way around and as it changes colors, I will change my marker, my brush.

If we go up here to layers, let's turn off this copy layer, turn it off. This is what we have. You can see that it needs filled in a little bit. I like to take the lightest color Probably this one right here will be good and close the gaps. So if you have any gaps, close those in, tap your layers and turn your copy back on. I will take my brush thickness up just a little bit to about a four.

Change the brush color to the center here and I'll just start coloring in my colors changing so I'm going to tap and hold. Bring this color here changing again and wherever you see coat this color, you're going to color. Okay, I see a different color in the middle here. So I'm going to tap and hold I like to start streak here. I want to keep that so let's go ahead and do that. I think I have my pedal pretty much colored in except down here I colored outside the lines, so I'm going to redraw the outline of it.

Let's turn off the background by clicking layers and the checkmark on the copy layer. And you see I have a lot of white space. I'm going to fill that in And it doesn't really matter the color just pick one. These two colors meet, I'm going to choose either the lighter color which is I consider to be this one and fill in or if there's a real, pretty vibrant color that's not in most of the flowers, not a dominant color, or if I just really like I'll choose that color. So now it's pretty much filled in. Go back to layers, and turn on your background.

Now we're going to turn off our layer one and check it and look at that pedal. Okay. It is a little bit blurry, it's a little bit out of focus. So what I'm going to have you do is turn your layer back on. And we're going to go up here to the adjustments tool. We're going to select Gaussian Blur.

You can put your your stylus anywhere your pencil anywhere on the screen and slide to the right. What you're adjusting is the the blurriness of this outer line here, the pedal, so let's adjust it until it looks pretty similar to the other pedals. We don't want a real crisp line. You can see that if you go real far it gets very blurry and go back. It gets crisper I'm just looking at the outer edge, not the middle. I think that that looks good.

Okay. I'm going to go back up here to the layers. On layer one. I'm going to take two fingers and slide to the right. Now I'm going to go back over to the Adjust justments tool. Select gauzy and blur.

Now, when I slide my pencil to the right, it will blur only the middle part of the flower. I don't want to lose that dark line there. So I'm going to leave that about right there. That's where I'm going. You'll have to unselect the adjustments tool and come over to the smudge tool. Okay, on the smudge tool, the one I like to use is underwater.

It's It comes with procreate. It's a free stock brush, water and water bleed. Sometimes you have to play with this on this one I have my brush size at about 4% and my Opacity is about 18 or 19%. We'll play with this we may want to change it once we start. We're going to create these lines that are in the pedals here. So I like to pull the dark color into the light.

And to bring the Opacity up just a little bit, I think it is at around 50%. I'm gonna bring some this color down here. I'm going to increase my brush size just a little bit. Gonna put it at about a seven Okay, so now I have some streaks in there. And I think that I want to blur this just a little bit more again, adjustments cause on blur. You don't want to lose the streaks you want this to stay in so about right there.

I like that. Okay, so let's turn off our background. And that's what we have was I just want to blend this just a little bit more. Using my eraser tool right here. I'm going to select the calligraphy mana line under erase and I'm going to erase this tip right here when I'm happy with it, and I think I'm Think I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out. And blend this just a little bit more.

I'm going to turn on the background. So that is our first pedal. I'm going to go through all of these pedals. This is pedal layer one, we're going to create a new layer, tap a layer for rename. This is going to be layer two. Whichever layer is blue is the layer that you're working on.

So let's go back to the brush tool. calligraphy mana line. Let's bring this all the way down. We're going to do the same thing on this pedal here. Let's outline it using color selecting tool. I think it's called the color picker.

I like the really dark variations. I like to always keep those in because that's what gives it the realistic look, I think. Okay, this layer, even though it's layer two, we're going to we're going to take it we're going to hold our pencil until it enlarged just a little bit and we're going to slide it under layer one. Okay, let's start coloring. Can we just hold her finger? Tap with our pencil where we want And hold until the colors selected and then we're just gonna color I'm going to increase my brush size just a little bit.

This technique is really just to get you you To knowing how to create a realistic effect, once we get this down, we can create florals without tracing over the flower. I've got it all colored in, I'm clicking layers. I'm going to turn off the copy layer and see where my white holes are. I'm gonna pick a light color and fill in. Doesn't really matter which color you choose to fill in make. I like to use one of the lighter colors but it'll all blur together so it doesn't matter.

Okay, so once I get that done, I'm going to hit layers, turn my background back on, turn on layer two and look at the look to see how crisp the images or how blurry so I want to try to make my edges this one to match the real picture. Let's turn it back on. Go to the adjustments layer up at the top Gaussian Blur. Slide your pencil to the right out right there. layers, two fingers, slide layer two to the right. adjustments, collage and blur.

Looks about right to me. Turn off the adjustments to your smudge tool. I think it's a little too dark Just play with it until you have your toilet starts to do what you want to do. Starting to look blended, unlike in the way that's looking, I don't even know I'm gonna try to blend it but I'm not, or use the caution blur. I'm gonna do that but I kind of like the way it is. So we'll see.

Let's look and see what the real one looks like. So by turning off layer two, it'll show me the real pedal. It's got A lot more of that light color in it. I think I kind of like it. I like the maybe I'll blur it just a tad. Okay, if I want to make it a little lighter, I select my smudge tool and I pulled the light color into the dark so I'm going to get this lighter color and I'm going to pull it down into the dark color.

I think I like that. Let's zoom out a little turn off. That's what we have so far. We're going to continue on we're going to turn the background back on, add a layer I'm gonna rename it later. Three. We're going to take it down under layer two.

And we're going to work on this pedal right here and the zooming out kind of helps you see what color is dominant in that pedal to me. The Pinkie colors what stands out, so I'm going to try to make that a dominant color in this pedal. We're going to go back to our brush. Make sure it's on mono line and taken all the way down, Opacity is up. We're just gonna outline the pedal. It's the same thing on each pedal.

Now see, I want this dark pink right here at the tip. Make sure I get that in there. Okay, it's outlined. Let's look, turn off the copy. And it's it's pretty much solid on mine, so I might fix this here a little bit. Okay, we're going to turn it, turn the copy back on, and we're just going to color in our pedal.

You can turn your picture with two fingers sliding where you want Let's see where we are. I know I have a lot to fill in here but it's sometimes hard to tell. So if you turn off that layer, you can see where we're all you need to fill in. So I need to do on here. I'm going to work on that. Okay, turn it off.

On selecting layers, turn off my copy. And I am going to fill in now with a light color. Okay, I want to check for the crispness of the outline of the flower. And it looks about like that. So that's what I'm going to try to achieve just on that outline. Look on layer three.

I'm going to go back over here. And just the, the focus just a little bit here. I think it matches the others. Okay, then I'm gonna slide to the right Right. I want to keep that dark pink line in the middle there, dark purple. Select my smudge tool and just begin bringing colors to the center here.

And I think I want to blur it just a little bit like that. I think I like that. Okay, let's turn off our background copy. So what we have so far see this down here that needs blended a bit If you bring down your pasty, it's not as harsh of a blend. Okay, go ahead and continue with the rest of the pedals just as we've done here. And then I will meet you back here for the next lesson.

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