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Lesson 5

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I have provided a brush from Ollie freeborn of little moments letters. You can find this in the resources section of this class. The brush is called l m l L mono line. And once you have it in procreate, you can set your streamline at about 80%. Okay in this lesson we're going to make these flowers look a little more whimsical. By adding some line drawing around the petals.

I'm going to add a layer I'm going to add it to the top so Slide your new layer to the top and we're going to rename this layer outlines Okay, you you may want to use the mana line brush. Let's see how it looks. I think it's a little thicker than I like to use but you could use it. I'm going to select LML mana line and set my brush size at around 5%. We're going to begin by tracing each pedal twice. You don't want your lines to be perfect, so just be somewhat irregular Go ahead and do this all the way around.

Okay, once you get your pedals traced, you can use your eraser tool and go around the stamen just erase any marks that are unwanted. After that if you want, you can go through the stamen and make little circles to accentuate parts of the stamen that you would like to stand out. Okay, let's work on our yellow flower. We're going to add a layer we're going to rename the layer Outline yellow flower. Okay as the layers are now the yellow flowers behind the turquoise flower. If I move the yellow flower up above the outlines layer, then it looks like it's in front of the turquoise flower.

Bringing the yellow flower forward also reveals a white mark from my pencil on this screen select the yellow flower layer, the lasso tool, draw around the white mark. three fingers swipe down cut. You can also use your eraser tool to do this. Let's outline our yellow petals. We'll select To layers, outlines, three fingers down, copy and paste. We're going to move this layer we just created above yellow flower, choose the resize tool, the arrow, and we're going to adjust the size to fit the yellow flower.

Let's turn the outline until it lines up with the pedals. Gonna make it just a little bit smaller. Let's see how it looks. That looks cute. Let's do our coral flower. Let's take three fingers swipe down, copy and paste.

Slide over Create a new layer. Drag this new layer down right above the coral flower layer resize tool. Go ahead and line it up. Line up your outlines with your coral flower. Our flowers are beginning to look whimsical. Let's turn on our dots background and our lettering Let's choose layers.

Select the dots layer, move your lettering layer above your dots layer. Go to the eraser tool, and let's erase the dots that are touching our lettering. We really have endless possibilities with what we can do with the whimsical effect. I want you to play around and have fun with this and make it your own. Once you have your project completed, upload it to the projects section of the class. I really am excited to see what you come up with.

If you post to Instagram I would love to feature you Post and tag me at love lettered, l o v underscore underscore l e TT er Ed. I can't wait to see what you make

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